Creepy Classics
Zombie Claus
8 Inch Scale
By: Cast-a-Way Toys

It doesn’t get much better than this. What’s cooler than a Zombie Santa Claus? Zombies are all the rage these days, but Cast-a-Way toys have delivered a figure on my door step just a day before Christmas that is sure to blow eat your brains out! Cast-a-Way toys is a small company with their own Mego body that differs from Mattel, EMCE and even Mego’s body. It’s the same body in theory, but is much better engineered and articulated.

Cast-a-Way started out as a small company (in fact they still are) which made custom monster figures. This figure is the first new monster that the Cast-a-Way crew has made in several years. The “Creepy Classics” line is back and what better way to kick it off than with a monstrously undead St. Nick! I bought this guy over at their Website and he’s now sold out. However maybe if you’re a good boy or girl this year and beg the guys at Cast-a-Way, they may do another run.
Cast-a-Way came up with their own Mego protective cases as well, called Super Clams. They’re semi-hard plastic and resealable. This is great for a figure like this, because once the holiday is over you can pop him right back in his card and keep him safe. I really wish more toys had a package like this.

Your zombie is kept safe and snug in his plastic tomb. Of course, letting him out is just part of the fun! The other good thing about the clamshell is that it doesn’t damage the interior card.

Speaking of the card, just look at it. Man that’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s not on some cheap piece of paper either, it’s a nice medium thickness cardboard. It’s bound to last a lifetime. Really great work here. The picture of Zombie Claus is so awesome.

The back of the package shows off the regular series figures in the Creepy Classics line. Note that while the Zombie there does have the same head sculpt, he is indeed in a different color scheme. So this isn’t an exact repeat. That one is blue, this one is green.

Because “Mego” figures all share a similar body, the meat of the sculpt is in the outfit and head. These figures are one of a kind, made from a resin cast and each individually painted. That really ups the quality level here and the guys at Cast-a-Way have created a really great look for the Zombie.

The head is chocked full of detail both from a sculpting and paint standpoint. Each head was airbrushed and dry brushed to really bring out the details in the sculpt. What’s really impressive is that the paint matches the molded skin color of the figure like a charm.

Santa’s beard and hat are a separate piece, but they are sewn together. As best I can tell this whole outfit is handmade by the guys at Cast-a-Way. I can see some spots where the white was glued onto the red fabric and really adds an unexpected deviousness to this Zombie. It really looks quite unkempt and well, creepy!

This guy has a face that will scare babies, I’m telling ya! And he’s just the right amount of gross, not so gross you don’t want to display him. He’s quite attractive in that sense.

The green is a nice color and it contrasts well with the red. I’m glad they went with this design for the Zombie.

The included boots are a “pirate” type patent leather design. They’re not actually patent leather, but they look it. The mall Santas in the 1980’s used to wear boots just like this. A really nice added touch.

When it comes to articulation and movement, Cast-a-Way has reimagined Mego. They offer a body that on one hand is nearly identical to the classic Mego body and yet on the other hand has more articulation and is better engineered. I don’t know how they do it, but this is everything you could want out of a Mego-like figure and more.

The body is exactly like the flesh colored one on display here, but in a green color. The big added area of movement over the classic Megos is the swivel arm. You’d be surprised how much of a different that one simple point of articulation makes. The other thing to note is how perfectly straight this figure stands. Not like Mattel’s slumpy body.

The hands are different too. They’re a softer rubbery material. This means you can put pretty much any weapon of accessory in there with no fear of it breaking. Yet at the same time he holds with a tight grip!

Zombie Claus has more than enough articulation to terrorize your toy collection, that’s for certain!

I hate to sound like a company spokesman here, but Cast-a-Way simply gets it. I’ve ranted on and on in this section for other “modern Megos” about how these toys need several accessories. Cast-a-Way shoots and scores in that regard.

He comes with his beard and hat (the whole outfit including boots are also removable) and he’s got a Red Ryder Carbine Action B-B Rifle. Okay, maybe it’s just a shotgun, but it certainly looks like he shot his eye out! You also get a big ol’ bunch of creepy crawly bugs. Including some that glow in the dark!

He was also supposed to come with a sack of coal. Mine didn’t include it, but I’m sure the guys at Cast-a-Way will correct that eventually. I just borrowed a sack from my Uncle Scrooge figure and he looks splendid with it.

The good folks as Cast-A-Way did end up sending me my coal bag later. Great service from those folks.

Even missing an accessory this guy comes with a crap load more than the other companies are offering with their toys.

Only $25?! Almost every “modern Mego” on the market runs for about $20. When you consider that these are handmade and offer a ton of accessories, were produced in a super limited quantity and have a superior body to all others on the market, this is an absolute steal. Cast-a-Way gets it when it comes to price and value too!

Score Recap:
Packaging -10
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 10
Accessories – Shotgun, Hat and Beard, Bugs
Value – 10
Overall – 10 out of 10

I wasn’t expecting to get another perfect 10 before 2010 ended, but sure enough Cast-a-Way has delivered. Only the sculpt scores a 9 and that’s just because I felt like being a Scrooge somewhere. Seriously, this guy is about as good as it gets. Have a Merry Creepy Christmas!

5 Responses to Zombie Claus Figure Review

  • Bill says:

    Good for you Newton, for spotlighting small companies like this. Although I am not a Mego fan, this guy REALLY appeals to me. Good thing for my wallet he is sold out.

    BTW, is that a Happy Days Al he is menacing in the above photo?

    Also BTW, Merry Christmas, Newton! Thanks for a year of enjoyable reviews.

  • Newt says:

    Indeed that is Al. I've sort of had a running joke where any time he appears in a review, he's getting terrorized in some capacity. Thanks for the kind words Bill and I hope you have a good holiday.

  • Jim says:

    Wonderful review! I hate to have missed this one, but there's always next time (I hope). Also the card art is done by Tim Baron. That guy does awesome work so it's only fitting that such talented folks are working together.

    Keep these great reviews coming!

  • Newt says:

    Thanks Jim. It's really a fun, fantastic figure.

    Agreed on Tim Baron's work. Cast-a-Way chose the right man for the job. The packaging really puts this guy over the top.

  • Poe Ghostal says:

    Dammit, I didn't even know this existed. I would have bought it in a second. Second run! Second run!

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