Toys R Us is in the midst of it’s biggest sale ever, or at least so says their recent press release:

With less than 20 shopping days left until Christmas, the holiday values are just beginning as Toys“R”Us offers more incredible savings than ever before throughout the month of December. Starting with the Toys“R”Us Biggest December Sale Ever, the company has introduced a new catalog filled with 40 pages of deals on hundreds of the season’s hottest toys. The special offers continue throughout December with the company’s in-store “Deal of the Day,” which provides exceptional discounts on specific products, as well as entire product categories. To make holiday shopping even more convenient and savings more accessible, Toys“R”Us stores are opening earlier and closing later to accommodate early birds and night owls alike. For those who choose to shop around the clock, the world’s largest online toy store,, is always open and currently features free shipping on thousands of items.

And with it comes this year’s hottest toy. Much like the Cabbage Patch Dolls of old or the Furbys of years not so far long gone, Zhu Zhu pets are the new crave. What are Zhu Zhu pets? Well they’re basically little robotic hamsters. What makes them so popular? I can honestly say I have no idea.

Every year a new toy becomes the “IT” toy, with little rhyme or reason. The shortages of Zhu Zhu have already started and just this week there came some rumors that these toys are dangerous. Of course, I’m inclined to believe that the rumors that these toys have high lead levels is just that, rumors, started likely by rival toy execs.

I was in Toys R Us this past weekend and noticed a long line forming. I didn’t know what it was for but as I stood in line for a return my GF and I began to speculate what it was. At first we thought maybe Geoffrey was there, but then it became apparent that not all the parents in line had kids. Finally when we got to the registers, we asked.

As it turns out the line was for Zhu Zhu pets. Toys R Us is getting stock of them in, but they are only selling them one per family and you have to wait in line. The line actually stretched around the store. You can see in the second pic above people in the back of the store, that’s where the line was headed. You can’t see some of the people over the shelves, but they’re there.

So have you gotten any Zhu Zhu Pets for your kids? If you’re looking for them I’m guessing Toys R Us is the place to go…

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