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Huge news out of the video game world as a sequel to WWF WrestleFest, a remake of sorts, titled WWE WrestleFest, will hit all the Apple mobile devices as a downloadable game this week. I haven’t been more excited for a wrestling game since WCW vs nWo Revenge came out in the late 90’s. I am super stoked to check out the new iPhone WWE WrestleFest game! It’s supposed to be a reimagining of sorts, for the classic game.

The original game was made by Technos Japan and is considered by many (myself included) to be one of the best mainstream wrestling games EVER produced and easily one of the best arcade games of it’s time and all-time. WWF WrestleFest was a follow-up to WWF Superstars, which was also made by Technos. One of the big gimmicks of both games were the tag team tournaments. The original game had the nearly unstoppable team of the Mega Bucks (Andre the Giant and Ted Dibiase) in which Andre was basically invincible. WrestleFest featured the Legion of Doom, who although they were tough, were more balanced in that the both of them were super tough, but not invincible.

The game was designed mostly to eat quarters, but it had a lot of fun replay value, including the Royal Rumble option and even a STEEL CAGE match! Granted the cage match just happened, usually in a rematch mode, so you couldn’t pick it, but it was still fun. It was awesome stuff for the time and actually, it took decades for console games to catch up. I originally purchased WWF Wrestlemania for Super Nintendo, because it promised to be similar and had a lot of the same roster as WWF WrestleFest. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as good.

The best part of the classic game was the roster, which was the perfect mix of the 80s-90s WWF. You had all the big names, Earthquake, Mr. Perfect, Sgt. Slaughter, Jake The Snake, Hulk Hogan, Big Bossman, The Ultimate Warrior, The Million Dollar Man and freaking DEMOLITION! Not to mention the Road Warriors, who were unplayable, but still competed against you. The only weak spot was the Ax wasn’t in the game, instead Crush was part of Demolition. Of course, everyone just pretended Crush was Ax.

The only person missing from the classic game was Macho Man, but he’ll be in the new game. However it has not been confirmed that the new game will contain all the classic characters. One would presume that Hulk Hogan may not be in it, due to his ties with TNA, but Hogan’s video game license is different so the Hulkster may show up. One thing that is for certain, is that the game is hoping to rekindle some nostalgia and plans to have new characters in addition to the classics.

Unfortunately, this game is being made by THQ, which could mean it will blow chunks. THQ’s best games are ones that they had other companies develop, although that could be the case here as well. With a roster of some of the best from classic WWF and a variety of Attitude Era and current stars, this is looking like a game that any fan of wrestling or video games should purchase. With multiplayer mode allowing you to play against players across the globe, this could be the return of the modern arcade!

The gameplay is presumed to be a slightly more elaborate version of the classic gameplay and the graphics are clearly much worse than the classic WrestleFest, but the spirit is there. The best news is that this game is going to be constantly updated with “extensive downloadable content,” which will likely include additional playable characters, ring gear, etc. These upgrades are supposed to be unveiled about once a month, which means the roster will constantly be growing! Hopefully with more and more legends!

Pricing has not been announced yet, but one would expect this will cost a bit more than a traditional iPhone/iPad title. I’m hoping it’ll be reasonable, though. Fans who downloaded the old TNA iPhone game will note that it’s actually quite plausible to have a fun iPhone style wrestling game, but this one’s arcade nature may make it a better fit for iPads.

6 Responses to WWF WrestleFest Returns to iPhones and iPads!

  • Mario says:

    I fear that this will suck hard. Sad to say.

  • Newt says:

    Unfortunately it's nowhere near as good as I'd thought. The gameplay is sluggish and the roster is pretty weak at the moment. It's not super terrible, but the game isn't nowhere near as good as the classic WrestleFest. Unfortunately no attention had been paid to moves, so Jake The Snake is doing powerbombs and stuff.

    Hopefully it can be updated to be a bit better, but right now it looks like THQ just didn't put in enough time into the game. And they want you to keep buying members of the roster.

  • Zach S. says:

    How many wrestlers come standard with the game? Figures they'd lame it up…

  • Newt says:

    You start with 8 guys: Jake The Snake, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, The Rock, Randy Orton, Macho Man, Stone Cold and the Undertaker.

    There are another 5 which can be bought immediately: Big Boss Man, HBK, Triple H, CM Punk and Sheamus.

  • Mario says:

    Cripes, that lineup helps NOTHING! ; )

  • Mark says:

    When it is released in the UK on PS3 I might getit as WWE 12 has been a really big let down, one of the worst rosters ever the online play is terrible.

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