Sgt. Slaughter
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific
$6.99 (price varies)

Right around the end of the GI Joe 25th anniversary figures, Jakks released their version of a modern 3 3/4 Sgt. Slaughter in their WWE Build-n-Brawl line. It offered a chance for many fans to finally create the Sarge in a modern 25th styling. The Jakks figure became quite rare and sought after. Shortly after Hasbro released their own SDCC exclusive 25th figure, which became even more rare and twice as valuable.

Today I’m taking a look back at this version of the Sarge and I try to use his head on a GI Joe Retaliation figure. Want to see the results? Then you gotta read on!

These came in simple blister cards. Jakks doesn’t do very impressive packaging on nearly anything. There’s a picture of Slaughter on the card and that’s about the best thing I can say as far as the design goes.

The back shows off the rest of the series and the buildable Elimination Chamber. See the gimmick with these figures is that they all came with a piece to build some sort of arena part. Be it a ring or a cage or what have you.

One of the big draws to this figure was the excellent head sculpt. When this figure first hit, it was the only Sarge head sculpt around that could be made to fit on GI Joe 25th style bodies. And even now that a real Sarge has been released, many folks still prefer this Slaughter sculpt.

The likeness is good and the body itself is just okay. It’s not a terrible rendition of the Sarge, as it looks more or less like his Deluxe Aggression figure. However, the body has a bit too much going on in terms of bulging muscles and such.

I actually think the frame isn’t too bad for a somewhat accurate Sgt. Slaughter. It has a nice big barrel chest and smaller legs. Just like the real man. However that also makes the figure very top heavy and hard to pose. His huge biceps are a nice unintentional nod to the old GI Joe figure, which always had the biggest arms around.

There’s some decent sculpting and paint to replicate Slaughter’s real life wrestling outfit. Which of course, is slightly different than what he wore in the GI Joe universe.

Scale wise, he fits in nicely with old school Joes, but he’s too small for the 25th style figures. So close and yet so far.

Jakks did put a bit of attention on the details though. It’s one of their nicer efforts in the BNB scale.

The Deluxe Aggression style is shrunk down here and it has a ton of articulation. You can pose Sgt Slaughter quite freely. However, he can’t stand very well. He’s not as bad as some figures out there, but the wonky proportions cause him to fall over.

Still you can do quite a bit with him if you have an imagination.

And he seems sturdy enough that he won’t break.


He comes with one section of a woefully underscaled Elimination Chamber. Yeah… Pretty lame. Nice idea though.

Custom Potential:

I like everyone else, bought this figure to make a 25th style Slaughter. Unfortunately, I’ve never found the body I quite like. I was hopeful that the new Rock/Roadblock figure would be my salvation. It fits and the body looks good, but there are some differences in skin tone.

Apparently the SDCC Sarge head is a perfect skin tone match for the Roadblock body. But given that the SDCC Slaughter figure is worth it’s weight in gold, I haven’t ever taken it out of the package. You know, incase I ever need to finance a new home or buy a black market organ. So I guess this will do for now.

At his original price, this wasn’t a bad figure. Even if you’re only getting him for his head, he’s not bad. Jakks didn’t do amazing things with the BNB line, but sometimes they got it right. Sgt. Slaughter was a pretty good “right” for them.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Elimination Chamber Piece
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

This is a decent little figure, but he’s mostly custom fodder. Of course this isn’t the first time I’ve tried my hand at a Custom Sgt. Slaughter figure. It probably won’t be my last either, maggot!

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  • Randy says:

    I really liked ruthless aggression figures the head is pretty easy to pop off such harder to pop off mattels figures heads

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