While Toy Fair was all the rage this past week here in the United States, over in Japan they were having the Winter Wonderfest. This is similar to Toy Fair in the sense that it’s when lots of new products are unveiled, but it’s more of a sci-fi convention than a toy show. Although I do believe several big toy companies show off their wares there. They didn’t get to have one of these last year, but they really stepped it up for 2010 it would seem.

This prop replica of the Oxygen Destroyer is the kind of cool stuff that makes fanboys like me drool. I’d love to have one of these hanging over the mantle. In case of emergency, naturally. Sadly the 11 THOUSAND dollar price tag pretty much rules me out. I’m guessing for that kind of price it really does kill monsters.

There was usual assortment of vinyl models and toys as well. Some of this stuff is just out of this world. As a long time Kaiju fan, I’d love to go to Japan someday and just stock up on tons of stuff. I’m guessing if I ever go, I’ll never come back.

But the coolest thing remains the puppets. There’s a guy, whose name I’m forgetting that makes these Godzilla puppets. They use lights and compressed air to replicate the atomic death breath. He had a bunch of new ones including Rodan on display for Winter Wonderfest.

If I could own one Kaiju item, this would probably be it. A lot more you could do with this than a suit even. However they’re only available in Japan. I do hear they’re relatively affordable at only a couple thousand dollars a piece, but are custom made and worth every penny.

There’s a couple in action. Photos from Ed Godziszewski, be sure to check out SciFiJapan for their full coverage. Be sure to stop by Infinite Hollywood tomorrow for a couple of new toy reviews.

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