YES! Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters) is joining Heroes! Winston was my favorite Ghostbuster. Hudson has joined the cast of Heroes. He will play Captain Lubbock, a Baltimore detective who is on the hunt for one of the show’s other characters.

Finally a reason to be excited about Heroes again. Hudson has the acting chops. He’s done some good stints on TV before, including some intense work on Oz. Color me excited. Plus, he ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

I included this awesome photo of Hudson. Seriously, where does one get a Ghostbusters “Winston Rules” T-shirt? I want one!

One Response to Winston Joins Heroes!

  • Sam says:

    the 1st season was epic right in till the end which was very much like smallville seasons of late, too quick of a pop after a long sizzle. But it was alright, it was buy able, but it just kept heading down hill after that point, the middle of last season i finally gave up.

    I may however try again for a Ghostbuster!

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