I suppose a rant about Windows Vista doesn’t exactly qualify as “Pop Culture” but I fully expect it to become a part of pop culture in the future. Like, in 50 years people will look back at Vista as the Beta Max of it’s time… Only not as relevant.

Serious, Vista has to be the worst operating system ever. Why? Well I don’t know too much about operating systems but I know this, Vista has been the most difficult system I’ve ever worked with. About three days ago I started getting a pop-up on Vista that I may be running an illegal copy. That I should check with Microsoft to validate it. Which is pretty silly on it’s own. If I was running a bootleg copy, why would I turn myself into Microsoft? Meanwhile, I’m NOT running a bootleg Vista. I purchased this computer with Vista on it (No choice of my own, I was strong armed!) and it’s 100% legal.

So I decided to do some research on it. Apparently it’s a common problem with Vista. It just occasionally thinks it’s a bootleg. Basically, the way I see it, Vista is becoming self aware. And since it realizes how bad it sucks, it wants to self destruct.

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