Welcome to the new and improved InfiniteHollywood.com! To help celebrate some of the big new changes around here we’re going to give away a huge prize at the end of the month and it’s absolutely FREE! There are three ways to enter.

1. Simply go up top, click on Twitter and choose to follow me on Twitter. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get tons of great updates on what’s going on here at Infinite Hollywood and other musings. Everyone who’s already following me on Twitter is already entered!

2. Comment on any post between now and September 29th. Please keep the posts relevant though. If you’re spamming posts just for the sake of winning a prize, you’ll be disqualified from the running. Each post you respond to counts as an entry, but only one reply per post counts. Feel free to reply more than once though, just know it won’t count towards an entry.

3. Finally, as a bonus if you choose to Digg any article here, simple reply that you “Dugg it” and it’ll count towards an entry. HOWEVER, your “Dugg it” response does not count as a comment response. Unless you actually make a full comment and then mention that you Dugg the article. This will be done purely on an honor system, so if 55 people respond that they Dugg the article and only 2 Diggs actually occurred all Digg entries for that post will be null and void. So let’s keep it real.

Finally for the fine print: I would prefer anyone who already owns DCUC Wave 6 not to enter. I’m not giving these away so you can sell them on Ebay. However it’s ultimately up to you. Honesty is the best policy though. The ultimate winner will be drawn purely at random and announced on this website on September 30th. Once announced you must contact me within 7 days to claim your prize. Shipping is free to the continental United States. International posters are welcome to win, but they’ll have to pay the shipping themselves.

We’re giving away a full set of five figures from DC Universe Wave 6. This does not include variants, however if you’d like to get the variant figures as opposed to the regular figures and you win, just let me know. IE: If you’d prefer Dr. Impossible instead of Mr. Miracle, we can do that. However you can’t have both.

That’s it. Simple as pie. We hope you’ll continue to visit us for your latest pop culture, toy, movie and game news!

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