You may remember last month we had a great Interview with Rupert Valero, a PFC currently serving in Afghanistan, who makes incredible custom toys. If you haven’t read that interview, I encourage you to check it out. The guys over at OAFE saw it and got in contact with Rupert for a great contest, where they’ll be giving away some of his cool custom figures. All proceeds go to a great cause, so be sure to check out the press release below.

Rupert also was very kind and sent along a couple of his figures (like the one pictured above) to me as well. I hope to get a spotlight review of a few of them up here on the website soon, but I really want to take these guys out into the field and the weather just hasn’t permitted that thus far. OAFE has spotlighted a couple though, so be sure to check out their reviews of his toys and enter the contest to possibly win one and do something good for our armed forces in the process.

OAFEnet is having a giveaway, and it’s easy to enter! Your interest will also go to help some worthy charities.

PFC Rupert Valero is a soldier serving the in Army, and he’s also a toy fan. In his down time, he makes custom toys – both as gifts for the local children, and as large pieces perfect for collectors. Every one of his toys is made from items found on his military base in Afghanistan, giving them a backstory that can’t be matched by something made in a factory and sold in your local big box store.

Since Valero was kind enough to send us some of his creations, we’ve decided to share that kindness with others. You can enter to win a “Valerobot” of your own, made on the ground in Afghanistan. All it takes is a $5 donation to one of three military charities: the USO, which entertains the troops in the field; the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps wounded service members staying at Walter Reed Medical Center; and the Wounded Warrior Project, which raises awareness of the issues injured service members face when they return home.

Full details on how to enter can be found at Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 27, so the sooner you act, the better.

We all say we want to support our troops, and we want to do something for people in need – this is your chance to step up and do just that, and maybe bring home a cool one-of-a-kind designer toy for your trouble.

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