So I just heard about the coolest new horror movie and a concept that so wickedly awesome… Except that it’s not real. The picture above is of the legendary Christopher Lloyd as Willy Wonka in a horror film, aptly titled Gobstopper.

When you consider how downright creepy the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie with Gene Wilder was, Tim Burton’s dreadful remake not withstanding, you can see there is definitely room for this sort of film. I’m actually surprised someone hasn’t tried to do a legit movie like this before. Unfortunately this is all part of a Funny or Die campaign and despite the fact that there is a website, this film isn’t real… Yet.

Still check out the Trailer and tell me you wouldn’t rent this on DVD.

A damn shame this is a parody and not the real thing. I’d love to see a movie like this. Just clever enough to work. When Lloyd starts creepily shouting, “YOU STOLE FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS!” I was ready to buy my ticket.

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