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Alright, you like open-ended, broad topics, well here’s another one just for you. This week’s topic for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is… Why? No, really. WHY?

So the League is back and this time we’re just supposed to talk about why. Why what? That’s up to you to decide. For me, the choice was simple. Why the hell haven’t they made War of the Gargantuas figures yet? Okay to be fair, they HAVE made quite a few different vinyl figures of Sanda and Gaira, but not nearly enough. I almost bought some of the vinyl figures a while back, but that would just make me want real figures even more. I would even settle for a good vinyl. Most of the vinyls that have been made are not very good in being actual representations of the characters. Instead they tend to be those wacky “fun” Japanese vinyl types.

There’s nothing wrong with that, on the surface… But I want something poseable. I want something like a MonsterArts figure! It seems like such a no brainer to make Gargantuas. We got a Revoltech Baragon, so I thought maybe we’d see some Gargantua action, but no dice. Heck they even made the MASER and included mini Gargantuas, but no actual figures followed. What’s up with that?

These two behemoths could reuse a lot of the same sculpt. All you’d need was a new head and some alterations to the chest. That’s easy money! Yet we just haven’t seen it in toy form. I suppose it could be because getting really detailed and poseable versions of classic kaiju is a relatively new thing. But man, War of the Gargantuas, I mean come on!

So why not get on with it?! Somebody needs to make these things. There have been some incredible model kits. Yet when it comes to toys, the selection is so small. Maybe someday I’ll get my Sanda and Gaira… But until then I’m left to wonder, WHY!?

They made a Maser Canon but no Gaira?!

They made a Maser Canon but no Gaira?!

Speaking of “WHY?” I also wonder why Toho hasn’t remade this classic in some form. Give us another Gargantua movie! These characters are timeless and clearly some of the most unique in all of Toho’s arsenal. That movie is so fantastic… It should be revisited! Just because you stopped making Godzilla movies doesn’t mean you can’t make a new Gargantua film! Maybe I have all these questions about Frankenstein’s funkiest offspring because I just introduced my GF to this movie over the weekend. Oh and she didn’t like it… WHY?!

I feel like some Gargantuan action figures could ease my pain. It could answer all my whys. Oh well, a boy can dream, right?

Elsewhere in the League, Calvin posts pictures of some girl I don’t know, while Travelin’ Pics has photos of toy toilets. Don’t ask why!

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