It has now been officially one full month since the Avengers opened in the United States. The film has become a smash hit, outdoing even huge expectations from the studios and fans alike. However as other summer blockbusters start to get released, Avengersmania is bound to die down some. Unfortunately it would appear that the Hasbro 6 inch “Marvel Legends” Avengers figures very well may not make it out in time to cash in on the craze.

These figures are nearly impossible to find. Make no mistake, they HAVE shipped and many fans have snagged them. However, the idea that these figures are readily available on the shelf is false for most of the country. As Walmart exclusives, these figures were already destined to be a bit more scarce, but it’s sort of stunning to think that Hasbro wouldn’t work out something with the world’s largest retailer to get more of these figures on the shelves in time to capitalize on the film’s success!

You would have thought that huge endcaps would have been devoted to Avengers figures and Walmart would have tried to position itself as the place to go for Avengers merchandise. Those exclusive figures could have been a big coup. Instead it seems that these guys are just not out there. I’ve been to a half dozen Walmarts and even visited some in another state, but haven’t seen any of the Avengers 6 inch figures.

Heck, none of the stores I’ve visited even have shelf space for them! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, though. I pretty much never saw any of Marvel Legends Wave 1 earlier this year either and that wasn’t even retailer exclusive. Still, I can’t believe that Hasbro and Walmart didn’t work to get these out in abundance. They’ve bound to have lost thousands upon thousands of dollars of impulse buys. Not just from collectors, but parents buying toys for their kids.

These figures have turned into a scalper’s dream and a collector’s nightmare. As for me, it’s been so long now that I don’t even care anymore. I’d like to see them in person, but I’m no longer in “must buy” mode. Certainly I’m not alone and that’s an unfortunate reality that Hasbro and Walmart will have to realize. Consider the ball dropped.

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