So here’s a list of DC Universe Classics figures I’ve never seen. This does not include figures I’ve seen once or twice but passed on because they had bad paint aps/were broken in the package. Some of those include Booster Gold whom I saw once, but had random paint splotches all over him and looked as though his leg was severely warped and Flash who apparently sped off like his namesake never to adorn shelves near me again.

Wave 5:
Black Lightning

Wave 8:
Mr. Terrific
Gentleman Ghost
Parademon A or B
Commander Steel
Dr. Fate (Variant)

Wave 9:
Wildcat A or B
Black Canary
Mantis A or B

Wave 10:
Beast Boy
Power Girl

That’s a lot of figures that I’ve never seen. Again, it’s not so much even that I haven’t seen all of these guys but it’s the rarity of which I’ve seen the other figures. I saw Blue Beetle once. So yes, it’s very annoying. Never having seen guys like Gentleman Ghost or even Vigilante at retail is frustrating. It was shortly after Christmas last year that I saw Wave 7 at retail… It’s approaching Christmas the next year and I still haven’t seen Wave 8 at retail. That’s mind numbingly strange to me.

Obviously some of these figures can be found online at reasonable prices, but with DCUC I prefer to look at them in store. With any toyline you should at least see the figures at retail from time to time. One or two ultra rare figures is one thing, but DCUC is unique in having whole WAVES never show up. It’s baffling.

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  • clark says:

    That really stinks. I guess I’m lucky living in a metroplex because it seems like I’ll eventually find what I’m looking for if I’m willing to be patient and look often. I did not see all of wave 5 but there is a walmart near me that had 6 Riddlers on the shelves for a long time. I was actually there last week and they still had one that just won’t sell. The only figures that I have not seen at retail are Black Adam, Guardian, and Wave 2 Aquaman (Classic).

  • Philip Reed says:

    I find a few of these guys, sometimes, but for the most part all I ever see these days are Wave 4 and Wave 6. Everywhere in Austin.

  • My area was pretty good about getting stuff for a long time and still is for most things, but DCUC just stopped showing up. I used to never worry about DCUC because we got the first few waves fine, even Wave 2 which was scarce but I still found it… But then it just got weird. I’ve only seen Wave 7 complete once. Never seen Wave 8, it’s just sad.

  • DrNightmare says:

    This is gonna sound like an exaggeration, but I haven’t seen anything past Wave 3. Ever. ;_;

    Okay, I saw scattered Boosters and Beetles, and the mandatory Cap Cold, but only a few others I saw only once and never again. It’s not cool.

    I ordered a case of Wave 3 when it came out because I didn’t want to hunt for it, but then I saw that wave all over the place. So, I didn’t pre-order anymore because I thought the future waves would be easy to find, WRONG.

    It’s a weird thing to make sure you have money in your wallet every morning, not to make sure you can buy lunch, but to make sure you can buy DCUC figs on the rare chance you get to see one in the wild.

    DCUC is like Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all! But all you have to catch that Articuno with is a broken pokeball! ;_;

  • Bill White says:

    One tip for those looking for these figures is to check out super-sized supermarkets and drug stores in your area that have a toy section. I have found several of these “hard-to-find” figures there.

    A curse to Mattel for their crappy distribution!

  • Paul says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty crazy how many of these figures I’ve never seen. Of course, I’ve seen all of them at comic conventions where they are at least double the price. Distribution on these things is crap. I know someday I’m just going to have to break down to buy the ones I want from scalpers or comic shops.

  • Nick says:

    Clark you don’t happen to be in the San Antonio area do you? Cause the Walmart in Schertz had 6-7 Riddlers on the shelf for about 6 months. I was lucky this weekend and found wave 10 at a Walmart as it was being stock, figures didnt even sit on shelf before they were in my basket!

  • clark says:

    @Nick–not San Antonio, I live in the Dallas area. I live north of Dallas, but go to school in Fort Worth, so with careful planning I can hit up a lot of various Walmarts, Targets, and even four different TRU in one week. The Walmart that is down the road from me has already had Wave 10 stocked twice, maybe three times.

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