So after a long couple of days in recouping from the loss of our good friend Bill White, Infinite Hollywood is back to operational. In the downtime I took the opportunity to do some upgrading/redesigning to the site. There’s still a few bugs and kinks to work out, but please let me know if you see something heinous. It’s been a learning process and a bit of a struggle, but hopefully the end result will be a website that’s more functional, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing.

On the plus side, we’re going to hit the reviews hard over the next couple of weeks and try to close out 2012 with a bang. We stumbled a bit in the past few weeks, both as a result of hardship and pure laziness on my part. Hopefully we can avert that for the near future.

On that note, is there anything you’d like to see happen here? If so, let me know. I’m open to new features and perhaps even some new contributors if people are looking for somewhere to opine about their favorite plastic playthings and any other pop culture nonsense. We hope to move ever closer to our goal of world domination!

That’s it for now, just wanted to make a brief announcement that we’re back and running after taking a couple days off and to have you pardon our dust while we renovate.

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