We here at Infinite Hollywood are proud to present our newest contributor. Fred Guardia, who will be bringing us his Fred’s Toy Run videos to the site. Each week or so, Fred will be checking in with a “toy run” similar to our own Tales from the Toy Aisle but presented in all it’s HD video glory. Fred officially joins the site with his next Toy Run, but check out his latest run right here as well too. In this episode, Fred is joined by the lovely Tania in what looks like a late night drug deal but it’s in fact a late night BATTLE CAT deal!

Fred much like so many others, wasn’t able to score Battle Cat from MattyCollector but instead had to lurk in the seedy underground (okay not really) to find a guy who would sell him a Battle Cat. This is a perfect example of the lengths many MOTUC collectors will go through, to find the toys which Mattel seems so unable to make available.

Be sure to check out Fred’s YouTube Channel where he as lots of other craziness going on as well. Welcome aboard Fred!

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