Perhaps as a result of the new Marvel/Disney deal, Warner Brothers has decided to spin DC Comics off into it’s own entertainment branch. This is to help structure projects with the company’s cast of comic characters and presumably to prevent anymore licensing debacles as we’ve seen with certain scripts like Wonder Woman and the Justice League. This could be great news for comic book fans, but it could be a disaster too. We’ll just have to wait and see, naturally. Complete press release behind the cut plus a list of DC’s upcoming entertainment projects.

As reported earlier today, there was a big shake up at Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Today, in a press release sent out to the media, Warner Bros. officially created DC Entertainment Inc., a new company founded to fully realize the power and value of the DC Comics brand and characters across all media and platforms, to be run by Diane Nelson. Diane Nelson is the one responsible for marketing the Harry Potter franchise across all platforms. In her new role, Nelson will report to Jeff Robinov, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Group, in order to best capitalize on DC Entertainment’s theatrical development and production activities and their importance to drive its overall business with each of the divisions of Warner Bros.

Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO had the following comments on the new company…

“DC Comics and its super hero characters are truly touchstones of popular culture, and the formation of DC Entertainment is a major step in our company’s efforts to realize the full potential of this incredible wellspring of creative properties. Diane knows our studio as a creative executive, a marketer and a senior manager, and this varied background will help her effectively and creatively integrate the DC brand and properties across all our businesses. We’re also thrilled that Paul will remain involved with DC and we’ll be able to tap his expertise to help us reach our goals for this new business.”

Alan Horn, President & COO, Warner Bros. also chimed in…

“It’s no secret that DC has myriad rich and untapped possibilities from its deep library of iconic and lesser-known characters. While we’ve had great success in films and television, the formation of DC Entertainment will help us to bring more DC properties across additional platforms to fans around the world, while maintaining brand integrity and authenticity. Diane is a terrific choice to lead DC Entertainment, and with Paul in his new role as a valued consultant and contributing editor, both our company and comic fans win.”

DC Comics will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2010, at which time more explicit details regarding DC Entertainment’s corporate and management structure, film and content release slate, creative roster and business objectives will be unveiled at a multi-faceted anniversary celebration and press conference in the first quarter of the year. Current DC properties in development and/or production at Warner Bros. Entertainment include:

— “Human Target” is being produced by Warner Bros. Television for a mid-season debut on Fox.

— “Midnight Mass” is in series development at Warner Bros. Television for consideration for the 2010-11 season.

— “Jonah Hex,” Warner Bros. Pictures’ supernatural Western starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich, recently wrapped production in Louisiana.

— “The Losers,” Dark Castle/Warner Bros. Pictures’ action-adventure drama starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans, began principal photography mid-July in Puerto Rico.

— “The Green Lantern,” Warner Bros. Pictures’ next big superhero tentpole release, recently cast Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. The film has a projected second quarter 2011 release date.

— “Lobo,” based on the DC Comics anti-hero, has Guy Ritchie attached as a director; Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona are producing for Silver Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.

7 Responses to Warner Brothers Creates DC Entertainment

  • Gilltron says:

    I’ll admit it i’m slightly excited for Lobo Guy Ritchie knows trashy action movies and thats what Lobo is, I had no idea the Losers was being adapted into a movie that’ll be interesting is it the pre-crisis or Vertigo team?

  • Kyle says:

    I hope this turns out good for DC and their media properties. Also nice choice with the power girl/huntress picture, it really drew my attention when I was skimming through my google reader.

  • Jessie Merc says:

    There is a lot of potential for good stuff to come of this.

  • Michael says:

    Hopefully this agreement will help DC put out more films. It was always rather wacky that Marvel has had an easier time considering how DC is owned by such a major media organization.

  • DrNightmare says:

    I’ll be honest, I only cam ein here to see more Powergirl on Huntress action. I’m kinda disappointed…in myself xD

  • Michael says:

    I am perplexed that people find Powergirl attractive. I am not big on chesty and buxom females. Mary Marvel or Ice are much preferable than PG. The way they usually draw Powerfirl also makes me think lesbian superheroine.

  • Tom K. A. says:

    DC needs to get it’s stuff together. Not that Marvel’s movies have all been hits, but at least they’re trying. For years DC was way ahead of Marvel in that respect.

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