Details are sketchy at the moment, but a new toy line is being created by the guys at Zoloworld. It’s called Warlords and Warriors and it appears to be a retro toy line based on the “knock offs” of Masters of the Universe. Of course, if you’re like me, you see this as so much more.

At 5 3/4″ these toys will rekindle my love for old toys like my Imperial Dragons and my Conan from Remco. Along with a ton of other figures that I mixed right in, including guys from Sungold and the like. While I don’t know what all this line will encompass, I’m hoping it will borrow heavily from that Remco spirit.

I have no idea what all this toy line will include and the figures above are just examples of some of my old Remco loves. However, the concept is sound and I hope it can grow and be successful.

More information can be found at their Facebook page Warlords and Warriors and I can’t wait to see what reveals they have next!

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