When I was a kid, every year, usually right after Thanksgiving, my Dad would go deer hunting and this signaled the real beginning of the holidays. Since my brother was older, he’d go with my Dad and I was stuck home with my Mom. It was actually pretty cool as we’d start Christmas shopping, decorate the house and rent a few Disney movies. It also didn’t hurt that I usually got a toy or two just for being around. This is where I got my exposure to most of the classic and modern Disney cartoons.

In today’s current marketing strategy of Disney and their “Princess” lines, it’s easy to assume that most of the Disney movies were “girl” movies. That’s really not the case and it’s just become a trend in recent years because Disney sees dollar signs there. I’m not suggesting that the Little Mermaid is comparable to First Blood or anything, but it’s a KIDS movie, not a girl movie. As such, way back in 1989, McDonald’s Disney Little Mermaid Ornaments were for everyone!

We took a long way getting there, but that’s what I’m here today to talk to you about. McDonald’s used to do cool stuff like this, but I don’t think they do it so much anymore. They offered two plush ornaments from The Little Mermaid. As a kid I believe I only had one, but I might have had them both.

The packages are actually pretty cool. I really like the sunken pirate ship on the side of Flounder’s box. Most people lost these boxes and I’m sure mine were eventually tossed as well, but thanks to the internet I was able to procure new boxes. Actually I was able to get new ornaments altogether. Sadly almost all my childhood Christmas decorations were given to my brother for some odd reason when my parents got divorced and I’m not certain he kept up with them.

Flounder is pretty lame. I honestly don’t remember having him when I was a kid, but if I did, I didn’t care much for him. That’s not a surprise really, when you consider that he doesn’t look much like Flounder. He looks like a Hong Kong bootleg and his only winter attire is a hat. A Santa hat would have looked good here, but this really is more like a typical stocking cap. Lame-O!

Sebastian however, is the star of the show. Sebastian was my favorite character in the Little Mermaid and he’s got a really cool design here. First he has mittens on his claws. To really put them over the top, they have a snowflake on each one.

He also has ear muffs which look quite festive in their green color. Plus Sebastian is also sporting his own Tom Baker scarf! You can see why poor Flounder pales in comparison.

Incredibly, I discovered when I purchased a few of these, that Sebastian had a chase variant! Okay, I don’t know if it was an intentional variant or not, but his ear muffs could either be a darker lime green or a more neon pea green (Like vintage Constructicons Devistator!) color. I’m not sure which one was more rare, but I believe the one I had as a kid was a darker green.

Sebastian adorned my tree from about 1989 until probably 1999, but has been absent for the better part of the last decade. As a kid I always respected that this Sebastian was an ornament, but I really wanted to play with him as a fuzzy, plush crustacean friend. Now Sebastian returns to my holiday festivities and he’s free to be played with and cherished for years to come!

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Dude, I was all of 18 when the Rescuers sequel came out in 1990 but I couldn't resist getting Bernard and Bianca with my burgers and fries. Didn't know they had these out the previous year. I had mine in storage for years before thinking of placing them on our tree again, so I dug the old X-Mas decorations hoping I hadn't sold them or anything. There they were, still in their little boxes. I was so happy. These ornaments were some of the better Disney tie-ins I've yet to see.

  • I really miss the times when Disney and McDonalds would crank out stuff like this. I remember them doing cool stuff for Halloween and Christmas time. I don't think they do much anymore.

    Of course Disney isn't cranking out animated classics as often either, I guess.

  • Flounder and Sebastian look really, really cute! 😀 It's funny how they opened Sebastian's mouth. LOL

  • brandon b says:

    i remember when i was in kindergarten and the whole class got one of these little mermaid toys! i got the Sebastian luckily! i loved that thing for a good 5 years. then it got misplaced i guess. but like you thanks to the internet, i got one brand new in the box! it was like i went back in time to 1989 to relive that moment again

  • That's awesome man. I know the feeling!

  • Yeah it definitely gave him a lot of character.

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  • Toni says:

    Wow. I know this post is almost 4 years old but I really hope you still read the replies! I too remember these! Reading this, was like reading exactly how I remember when they came out! Flounder I don’t remember being captivated with haha. He was not as cool. Sebastian was my favorite. I told my parents he was too cool to only come out once a year to hang on a tree. So I got to keep him out to play with. Had him for years. Then…He just disappeared. Possibly went back to the sea? I don’t know but I was devastated. Looked everywhere for him! Now I am 33 and sitting here watching the little mermaid with my 2 sons and I remembered that ornament and decided to look up on Google if I could find it! Came across this and saw the pictures and showed my husband haha….”look this is what I was talking about!” He has no clue haha..I believe that the one I had, also had dark green mittens and no snowflake? Can’t remember exactly…Anyway… In the hopes that you for some reason still look at this page…could you tell me where you were able to find him? Would greatly appreciate it! Would love to have him around again and for my kids to play with! New memories♡

    • Newton says:

      Apparently the mittens varied on some of the figures. As you can see on the ear muffs as well.

      Anyway, it’s great to hear your story. I believe we had a similar experience. Anyway, I picked these guys up on Ebay. You might check there and see if any are for sale. If not wait until closer to Christmas and someone will probably bring them out.

      I just had this guy adorn my tree this year for the first time in many years.

      Thanks for reading… Come back often!

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