One of the last things I’d like to do here is go through some old family Christmas photos. I was lucky that when my Great Grandmother passed away I came into possession of a lot her old photo albums. Inside is years worth of rich history and since Christmas is always a time that people take pictures I thought I’d share some of these with you.

Some of these people I know, some I don’t. The photo above comes from the early 1950’s, but sadly I have no idea who the adorable little girl is. It’s such an awesome photo though, and someone in my family took it. This very well could be someone in my family, but who I don’t know. Looks like it could be a Christmas card now though.

This Polaroid may not seem that interesting, but this little ceramic Christmas tree has been in my family for years. My Grandmother had one as did we. To me, it’s an iconic part of Christmas. This little ceramic light up tree.

Hey look who’s having their first Christmas and apparently eating crayons. If you’ve ever wondered what the hell is wrong with me, look no further.

I’ve been trying to figure out what that is in my brother’s hand, but I have no clue. Some sort of gift.

I love this picture of my cousin and my uncle. They were having a great Christmas, you can just tell.

I have no idea who this is, but it’s another oldie. I don’t think that’s my uncle, but maybe. Check out those Hop-a-long Cassidy chaps! You could never get a kid in an outfit like this today. I love that old TV and little Christmas tree.

Here’s my cousin meeting with Santa Claus. I wonder what he wanted that year? Probably some GI Joes. I’ll save an extra Lowlight for you bud.

Here’s a picture of my Grandmother from back in the day and my mom. My Grandmother loved Christmas.

I found this picture in the stack and don’t know who any of these people are, but I had to include it because look at this guy’s outfit!? Plus check out that vintage Big K can and the Big Red can. This is Christmas at my OTHER Grandmother’s house, so I have no idea how my Mom’s side’s Grandmother ended up with this photo. Mystery and intrigue!

Hey there’s the old man at Christmas, but he’s younger here than I am now. Trippy!

Cheer up it’s Christmas 1980! Next year Reagan comes into office and brings with him Post-It Notes and AIDS. It’s all downhill from here!

Here’s my brother from the same year, trying out his Tony Soprano jumpsuit. Diggin’ the fashions bro.

Here he is a few years earlier even sharper dressed at Christmas. Look at all the tinsel on that tree!

The lady in pink is my Great Grandmother, whose photos these originally belonged to. Her daughter, my other Grandmother, probably didn’t appreciate a picture of her while her curlers were still in.

My Dad doing another Kilroy impersonation. Seriously, no one can see you when you have someone in front of your face!

There’s my Grandmother again. And there’s my Centurions Jake Rockwell. I remember this Christmas pretty vividly and it ROCKED.

More of Christmas ’86. My brother has some He-Man figure in his hands and his infamous microscope set behind that. Nice army fatigues bro.

I love shots of old Christmas trees and the wrapped gifts underneath them. I really like this one too.

Somebody just got Jabba the Hutt and he’s happy!

How awesome was this R2-D2 thing? That eventually became my cousin’s toybox. He’s three here. Thanks helpful handwritten captions!

I think that actually might be He-Man in my brother’s hands. Oh and hey, whatever my cousin has is sure making him happy. Oh and a model of my favorite car, the Pontiac Firebird! Sweet!

Here’s my cousin again, doing his own sharp dressed man routine. I miss my cousin a lot. I sure hope he enjoyed that Christmas, looks like he did.

Stop back by tomorrow for more Christmas memories!

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  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I loved these, thanks for sharing them. Ah, yes. The sweet taste of crayon… It really wasn't that bad at the time. LOL! I think that giant Artoo was some kind of storage bin. My grandmother received those thick department store catalogs and I remember seeing him there. And how cool were He-Man, G.I. Joe, and the Centurions? I plain, downright dug the 80's. Heck, yeah!

    Great post, man.

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