We continue our Halloween celebration with a little Vincent Price. This is from 1972, right after the release of Dr. Phibes Rises Again. Price is the special guest on a Halloween edition of “The Dating Game”. Vincent isn’t a contestant, but rather he’s playing for a woman, asking questions to bachelors and trying to decide which one she should date. Price is dressed in a Halloween costume that sort of ties into Dr. Phibes and appears to be dealing with a pesky booger, so it only makes this whole thing more awkward. This has to be one of the most bizarre game show ideas I’ve ever seen and the execution is even worse.

Below is a sampling of hilarious YouTube comments about this particular clip:

Wow, these are the three worst contestants I have ever seen on this show. What the hell was with the gay ones checkers on the beach, throw the guys in the net and rape them plan? The first guy is probably an old-man hobo now and the third guy may of grown up to be the DC sniper.

that chick is a beast. you see the look on his face? hah!

I love Vincent Price, but the people on this show were really retarded, bachelor one looked like freaking Teen Wolf…

Ted Bundy would love participating in this. WTF. Creepier characters than those in any horror movie.

Poor Vincent. I’m sure he was thinking, “Oh shit… I need to choose the one that seems the least likely to drug and rape Ms. X”. All 3 of these guys are creeps.

Price is thinking as he enters, “there isn’t enough alcohol on the planet to erase this humiliation…”

Contestant #2 is gayer than Richard Simmons and Tom Cruise combined.

Vincent Price was awesome. He has a strange ability to scare you but make you feel welcomed at the same time. I can’t believe he did this, it’s so cheesy lol.

Nice piece of sh*t cassette recorder “From the Triumph Electronics division of General Time!” (makers of Westclox)… If you ever saw Westclox quality (even then), imagine how good that Triumph was!~[the cassette door doesn’t fit properly]

Bachelor #2 would be interested in those “flaming tubes”. lol. yeah, looks like it

Miss X is Vincent Price’s sister who also has a mustache, only not as grey.

How to frighten Edgar Allan Poe? DON’T SERVE ALCOHOL!!!

A chauffeur driven Impala? that’s part of the perks? …wow gotta love the 70s

Jesus, No. 1 is a douchebag. I just wanna slap the mutton chops off of his face

Good lord, she have a tiny gross face.

alright, the first one is a total creep, the second one is gayer than a handbag full of rainbows, and the third one is the psycotic murderer

#1 is a creeper..I think he turned into a pedo

#2 has freaky hair

and #3 a corn dog that can barely talk

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