Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there, I hope you enjoy your special day. I thought it would be fitting to do a review of a famous entertainment Father, but in the absence of a Ward Cleaver action figure we’ll have to settle for Vincent Price. The father of horror? No, the father of Edward Scissorhands, of course!

Edward Scissorhands
The Professor
10 Inch Scale
By: Mezco

Actually there were two Dads in the Edward Scissorhands movie. One played brilliantly by Alan Arkin and the other, the subject of today’s review. Vincent Price had already established himself as an icon on cinema when he agreed to do Tim Burton’s modern fairytale and the two had become friends many years prior.

The inventor was inspired to make an artificial man due to the anthropomorphic appearance of his other inventions. His final result was a humanlike young boy that had everything except for hands, but the inventor had a heart attack and died while in the act of revealing a pair of real hands to Edward, leaving him to be “unfinished” forever.

The Inventor (or Professor as he’s called here) would actually end up being Price’s last feature film role. All things considered, it’s a great role to go out on. It epitomizes a lot of Vincent Price, as a macabre character, misunderstood and actually a nice person at heart. Reportedly Vincent was already ailing by the time he filmed the role, but worked hard and made sure to give it all for his final performance. A role specifically written for him, by Burton. Some 16 years after the film’s release and almost as many years since Price’s death, an action figure of his performance in the film finally hit shelves.

If you guessed that Mezco would have put this in a clamshell, give yourself a cookie. Yup another clamshell from Mezco. Hey, at least they know what they like, right?

The package is large and the front is cylindrical instead of the normal flat square clamshell. Masta’ Vinny P (That was his rap name when he toured with NWA) is displayed nicely in the front and he’s pretty easy to see. So are his accessory hands, that I often see listed online as interchangeable. No, those are Edward’s hands. COME ON PEOPLE!

On the back there is a beautiful shot of the figure inside a backdrop of the factory from the movie. This is really a nice picture. No information on the other figures in the series or even about the movie, but hey that’s a pretty picture regardless.

Speaking of nice pictures, the inner artwork is again on a thick cardboard card. The picture on the front of the card was a bit obscured in the original package, but when you pull it out you can really see what a nice piece of artwork this is. It really encapsulates the entire film. Ages 15 & up?

I measured this guy at just shy of 10 inches, so I’m calling it a 10 inch scale. Vincent is done in a stylized offering, something that Mezco has done a fair amount of, through the years. It works here though and it doesn’t hinder what is pretty recognizable as Vincent Price. If my mother-in-law knew who it was, anyone will.

Price is sort of leaning on one foot, but look appropriately old and creepy. It’s actually a great piece to just have as a vintage Vincent Price. He’s got his famous moustache, hair and looks like he’s about to host one of those celebrity Halloween parties on SNL.

Of course he looks exactly like he did in the movie as well, it’s just that as the Professor in Edward Scissorhands, he looked his most iconic. A tip of the hat from Tim Burton, no doubt. The sculpt on the eyes is particularly enduring as it looks very lifelike and separates this from your standard mass market toy.

There are tons of wrinkles and crevices present throughout on the flesh.

Which are perhaps nowhere more noticeable than the hands. These are incredibly detailed old withered hands. They look like the hands of an old inventor or just any old person, I guess. The detail on the ring is quite good, but the work on the flesh and veins are really what strike me.

The work on the costume itself is quite good too. Plenty of little details sculpted into the fabric.

As I’ve said before, when Mezco is on their game, they’re nearly impossible to beat. That’s really apparent here. The large scale gives them a chance to sculpt in plenty of ridges and fabric lines.

The hair is even sculpted and painted so that you can see he’s thinning a bit on top. Really the sort of details that you only get from a company like Mezco. Easily something that could be missed, but when you realize it, it’s hard not to appreciate it.

You might would assume that a figure like this would largely be a statue, but there are actually several points of articulation hidden in this guy. Pretty neat work here that allows you several posing options.

There are ball joints at the shoulders, with a pretty good range of motion. Swivel cuts just above the elbows, as well as swivels at the wrists. There might be a cut at the waist, but I couldn’t get it to budge.

There is also an excellent ball joint at the neck, with plenty of range. I know that’ll make Michael Crawford happy. It makes me happy too, of course. You can pose Vincent enough to get him to the do the Macarena which is pretty cool. The legs have no movement, though.

Incredibly, you also get some accessories.

First there is the large package that the Inventor was going to give to Edward. It looks exactly like in the film.

It can be opened and the human hands of Edward can be placed inside. They’re a nice fit and they totally creeped my GF out when she opened them up.

Then there are the hands themselves. They look great and Price can hold them in a variety of poses.

These extra young hands, show a great contrast with the old aged hands of the Professor. They also happen to look exactly like they did in the film. You can almost see the whole death scene of the Professor going down.

This was originally valued at $15-$20 and you can still get it off the Mezco site for about $20. I actually found it a bit cheaper than even the pricetag indicates. Given the good sculpting, nice paint work and relative large size of this figure, it’s easily worth the original retail price. Especially if you’re a fan of Vincent Price or Edward Scissorhands.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Gift Box, Hands
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

This isn’t a toy for everyone. It’s a collectible. Heck, I don’t even know for sure what I’m going to do with it. What I do know is that I’ve wanted it for quite some time and there aren’t a ton of Vincent Price collectibles out there. This is really a nice piece and it’s a surprisingly versatile figure. If you can find one at a decent price and enjoy things a little macabre, this is definitely worth picking up. He’ll go especially good in Halloween displays, if you do that sort of thin.

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