Wesitron is back with another bitchin’ video review of Thundercats! Our main man Wesitron is the resident Thundercats king and he’s not about to let up anytime soon. Get ready for an education in bows that would make Ted Nugent blush!

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5 Responses to Video Review: Thundercats Grune Deluxe Figure

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Great review!Hah,I wanted Grune as my first 4 inch figure but as I saw him I knew they skimped on his legs(thus making him look shorter)So i decided not to get him…Also,these toys look so much better out of the box,6 inch Mumm-ra looks boss(Now if only you could transfer the wings on him….)

  • I'm glad I haven't jumped head first into these. None of my Walmarts have them and TRU does carry them, but they want far too much per figure. Isn't that seemingly always the case these days?

  • Mark says:

    Excellent review, I love the Grune figure and his character in the new show.

  • wesitron says:

    Hells to the yeah, TRU has gone nuts with pricing on everything. Nerf guns are usually around 5 dollars more expensive, which sucks for parents who don't frequent the toy aisles enough to know what the blasters should cost.

    I think walmart's got them for around 13. Still on the expensive side, but better.

  • curtis 2k11 says:

    great figure ordered him monday evening i will be waiting for grune to arrive on thursday. kmart has him for 11.99$ plus u can get free standard shipping or pay 0.99$ for expedite shipping which is what i did.i dont feel like waiting for a week to ten days standard or u can pay 3.99 for express. then all i need is the thundertank and the tower of omens to complete my 2011 thundercats collection wave 1.

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