More new Thundercats toys! This time it’s the new 2011 3 3/4 line!

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  • I really like the look of the Lizard figure.

  • wesitron says:


  • Rexplode says:

    Have you picked up any of the other smaller figures yet Wes?
    I picked up the 6" Mumm-Ra and really like him but the smaller figures looked really cheap to me and I left them behind. I may still end up scooping some up just to check 'em out but I'd love to have your opinion.

    BTW, well done review. I did not know this set existed!

  • wesitron says:

    I got Mumm-Ra, but overpaid for him out of excitement. I like him a lot, though his sword is one of the worst accessories I've ever seen on an action figure. I'll have a review of him pretty soon. Got some more 4 inchers on the way, just waiting on TRU to ship my order after they canceled my Tygra. Mumm-Ra is pretty sweet. Toyetic but fun enough to make up for it.

    I won't be able to say too much more about the 4" line until I have a few more, but of the villains I have I really like them, and I only really get into them because I doubt they'll ever have any 6" vehicles and the character options are better at the smaller scale. If you've ever played with the Power rangers 4" line, you know what to expect in terms of quality. To me, they feel like sturdy toys, but toys nonetheless. Not the level of Habro 4" by any means, but better than say Spin Masters or Jazwares. Just my opinion, though, if you don't already collect 4" toys, I'm not sure if it'd be worth it for you if you've got the 6"ers already.

  • Rexplode says:

    I know I'm mostly interested in the 4" guys because I'm impatient to get ahold of Panthro and Cheetara. Plus they're not too expensive so it's something fun to goof off with!

    I've already got a lot of Joes and some MU figures so having them to pose with the T-Cats would be cool though.

  • wesitron says:

    Yeah, they're fun toys and that's what I love about em. Not too expensive which leaves a little extra coin for vehicles or playsets. But if you're really jonesing for that 6" Panthro or Lion-O, Amazon has em for retail and free shipping:–Collector

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I like how he still looks like it was designed by Rankin Bass…Not really interested in the new toys but I like the cartoon.Just bought the 8 inch classic Lion-o and Tygra and these toys make me so happy with Nostalgia unlike MOTUC which disappointed me when I got them on hand.

  • wesitron says:

    He does, doesn't he? I always thought Gollum from the Hobbit cartoon looked a ton like Slithe. When I grew up I realized why. 🙂

    I'll be getting Tygra tomorrow and I'm stoked, the 8" line is just incredible. I wasn't disappointed so much by MOTUC in itself, jus the cost and handling of the brand. Made it harder to enjoy good figures, in my opinion.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I was surprised getting the Thundercat toys easily,I was a bit sad that I missed getting to them by a day in TRU,all the 4 inchers were gone and the Lion-o classics but the TRU store quickly replenished stock 2 days later.I am quite glad Bandai got the rights for Thundercats since they seem to have good QC ,but I did see figures that look like they have limbs popping off and unevenly tampographed eyes but I think it's because of the demand they had to rush these out there.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Also cool review,I wouldn't give this set a second look and thought of it as a throwaway doohickey for bad guys,turns out pretty cool and the steampunkish look of the lizardman is pretty cool.

  • Bill White says:

    I like the term you use early on in this review: "Tanky Bits". I'll have to figure a way to fit that into everyday conversation, for example: "Check out that chick's Tanky Bits!"

    The entire Thundercats line looks intriguing, but I want to examine them "in hand" before I start buying.

    I don't like video action figure reviews as a rule, but you do a really good job on these, Wes. I still prefer written reviews, but if this is the way you wanna go, I'll watch. Did enjoy your "outtakes" at the end, though!

  • Mark says:

    Excellent review. Figure and tank looks great.

  • curtis 2k11 says:

    picked this guy up on friday for 15$ at tru, well 16$ after tax but hes a sweet figure and a lot of fun. i might get another one to build a lizardman army. im waiting for grune to arrive on thursday the 22nd to complete my collection of 2k11 thundercats figures then ill pick up a thunder tank and tower of omens playset.

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