Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Uncle Scrooge as Ebenezer Scrooge
5 Inch Scale
By: Playing Mantis (Memory Lane)

When I was a kid, my Uncle taped a bunch of Christmas cartoons in an era when everyone still didn’t have VCRs. Although we had a VCR, my parents weren’t technologically advanced enough to tape anything off of TV. So my Uncle’s tape of holiday cartoons became a staple around our house. In it was the NBC version of Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The feature itself was the same, but it was forwarded by a couple snippets of other Disney winter and Christmas cartoons. This originally was to give NBC an hour long run time.

To me, that is the only way to see the Disney Christmas Carol and it’s how I viewed it every year, without fail until two years ago when the worn out old tape finally started to screw up. Last year I searched out all the cartoons, but I couldn’t quite get it to work as well as the full program. This year, THANKFULLY, I found someone on YouTube had uploaded the entire NBC version and I will finally have it in my collection again.

What’s this got to do with Scrooge? Well he’s the star of the program. He’s also the hardest and most expensive figure of Memory Lane’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol line. Is he worth it? Let’s take a trip to ol’ Fuzziwig’s and find out.

The packages are simple bubble cards, but look really nice. The plush red coloration with the gold highlights and Mickey’s Christmas Carol logo come together nicely. Although it’s a pretty standard bubble, it has enough charm that you definitely could see collectors displaying as well.

Ebenezer is on display front and center. He’s not really posed like Goofy was, he’s just pretty basic in stature.

The back shows off the other figures, but does so by showing animation stills. I really like that presentation. The back is also designed like a page from a book and although it’s not a bio per se, it reads like a script from a scene. Scrooge’s scene is after he repents and realizes he hasn’t missed Christmas. I should add, that all the card art shows Scrooge in his red coat (he wore both a red and a blue coat in the show) and it might have made more sense to show Ebenezer in blue. Conversely, they should have released a red coat variant.

As a bit of an added bonus, the inside cover has a animation still from the film. Scrooge’s is from where he first sees the haunted door knocker. This is the mark of a toy company that loves it’s product.

I picked this figure up for dual reasons. One, I love Mickey’s Christmas Carol, but two, I’m also a huge Ducktales fan. Ducktales was the animated adventures of Uncle Scrooge and sadly, for reasons unknown, Ducktales never got a toy line. Now at least, I have the star.

Uncle Scrooge looks pretty good overall, with plenty of detail in his face and legs, but isn’t quite as “perfect” as Marley. For starters, mine seems to have warped legs and simply can not stand on his own. If Scrooge appears in weird angles in this review, that’s the reason. I do think this is an exclusive problem with mine, not every Scrooge, but I only have this one so I can’t say for sure. Donald (who has a similar sculpt) stands fine.

Scrooge’s overcoat is a bit out or proportion, but that tends to happen with soft goods on small scale. It’s not terrible, though. The coat is removable and I was hoping that Uncle Scrooge would have an outfit a little closer to his aforementioned Ducktales outfit… But sadly it’s not quite there.

The coat does seem to stain the neck a little (not much) but mine have been in package for seven years so that may have played a part in that. Regardless, it’s a minor issue. The glasses are actually drilled into his duck bill and it actually works well enough. It looks a little odd from the side, but it’s great from the front.

Overall the details on Scrooge and his accessories are quite nice. The sculpt and paint are definitely not among the minor issues with this figure. I think Memory Lane did a great job here and perhaps had they gotten to re-release these sets a few times like they did with other lines, any imperfections would have been smoothed out.

Uncle Scrooge has decent articulation, but a few extra points might could have helped his stability. Again, I think my actual figure is flawed somewhere, so it may not have been needed.

He has cut shoulders, a cut neck, cut wrists, swivel legs and hinge elbows. Considerably less than Goofy, but that’s more because of his design. It’s not like they intentionally cheaped out on Scrooge’s articulation. Adding articulation points to a duck, isn’t easy.

Whatever Scrooge lacks in articulation, he makes up for in accessories. He’s loaded to the gills tail feathers with cool movie specific accessories. Not including his removable cloth jacket and scarf, he comes with the following:

A nicely made Santa sack. I’ve seen plenty of “Santa” bags through my years, but this is one of the nicest.
The candle that he uses through several scenes of the film.
A pile of coins, with some details on them.
A small toy solider. Painted well for such a small item.
A trumpet.
His cane.
His hat.

The hat is an interesting item, as they sculpted two little grippers inside to grab on to his head feathers. Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well and does more harm than good. His hat is constantly falling off.

These figures ran about $7.99 in 2003, but finding Scrooge for that price in today’s market is next to impossible. He’s usually over $20 and in some instances, $45 and up. He’s definitely not worth that much, but the collection is incomplete without him. Ducktales fans could eat this guy up too.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Hat, Coat, Scarf, Cane, Soldier, Candle, Trumpet, Coins, Bag
Value – 7
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

I bumped Scrooge down just a bit. The sculpt is still splendid, but I had an issue getting him to stand and some of the accessories don’t work quite as well as they should. He’s still a fun figure, but a few of the minor issues were quite the nuisance. Don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season and leave us a reply!

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Looks like a cool figure. I'm sure that many Carl Barks fans would love him as well. A bit pricey, but there aren't too many Uncle Scrooge figures out there. I think the closest Duck Tales came to a toy line were some bendies by Just Toys back in the early 90's when bendies were popular. They made Scrooge, the Nephews, a Beagle Boy, and Webby, I believe. I only had Scrooge. There was also a PVC set of figurines that were given away in grocery stores and as cereal premiums.

  • Newt says:

    Yeah we got some PVCs and minis, but no real toy line. Which is odd cause several other of the Disney shows got toy lines.

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    Oh, now I know what happened to the tape. I was reading the post from top to bottom, not in the order in which they were posted.

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