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It’s an idea so simple, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already. Alice Cooper has teamed up with Tom Sheppard (Guy behind Annoying Orange) and a litany of talented comic book artists and writers to come up with a horror anthology comic book series in the same vein as the old E.C. Tales From The Crypt (and it’s numerous spinoffs and clones) called Uncle Alice Presents… They’ve decided to head to Kickstarter to get it done and are currently looking to raise around $200,000 for the first 12 issues.

As a Kickstarter project, that’s first, an ambitious goal, but it’s also an admirable one because it will see the production of a total of 12 comics. Alice Cooper is no stranger to comics, he even managed to have a Marvel comic back in the day. Cooper has always been very intelligent about parlaying his stardom into a constant pop culture presence. He spent enough time with Vincent Price to really have the horror chops as well and of course, if you’ve ever heard his nighttime radio talkshow, you know he can be very engaging on a wide variety of topics.

However, Tom and Alice make no bones about it, they really want to turn this into a TV show. Personally, I think that would be incredible. There’s a hilarious little video accompanying their Kickstarter Page that sort of gives you an idea of how Alice would work as a host.

It’s a brilliant concept and the TV show is definitely more enticing than the comic. Alice’s personality is just such a natural fit for a show like this and as Cooper gets older, he certainly really starts to look the part of a creepy horror host even more. However, it all has to come one step at a time. The Kickstarter does have stretch goals of filming a pilot (but it’s around $750,000) to pitch to networks. Personally I think if they can get the comic going, then there’s potential to pitch it a network without fans having to fund the filming of the show. Either way, I love Alice Cooper, so I couldn’t not plug this project in hopes that someday this gets made.

Check out the Official Uncle Alice Presents Kickstarter, watch the video, join the cause and then tell them Infinite Hollywood sent ya!

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  • batced says:

    Strange how Cooper hasn’t had a project like this yet come to fruition. I remember how Snoop Dogg had his own movie in a similar vein and I asked myself why Cooper or even Glenn Danzig hadn’t yet done the same thing.

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