Have you ever done something that you know is a mistake, but you do it anyway then immediately after have to concede to yourself what you knew in the first place that it was a mistake? Such is the case with my Saiyudo Ultraman SRC figures. These are Super Reborn Chogokin Ultraman figures Type A & B. I had read quite a few reviews of these figures but information was pretty scarce. The handful of reviews out there said that these figures were fragile and some reported immediate breakage. Despite all this, I needed to find out for myself.

DO NOT BUY THESE FIGURES! I want to get that out of the way right off. I’m going to do a full review here, but please don’t make the same stupid mistake I did. DO NOT BUY ULTRAMAN SRC CHOGOKIN TYPE A & B! Think I made my point yet?

Why would anyone buy figures that they’ve heard are so prone to breakage? Well, for starters when it comes to Ultraman there aren’t very many good figures. Despite having more TV shows than any character in history of the medium, Ultraman’s toys have always sucked. Bandai makes a great line of Ultraman figures with a whopping 2 points of articulation! So the idea of highly articulated Ultraman figures is hard to resist for an Ultrafan like me. Secondly, I’ve had only a few figures break on me in my life without serious trauma and I saw some pictures of these figures being posed in a variety of poses and assumed the breakages must have been the exceptions not the rule.

Ignore these cool pictures, THESE FIGURES SUCK!

Of course, I’m no fool and I bought the cheapest versions of these figures I could. My thought process was simple, if I can get these Gold versions of Ultraman and they don’t break, then I’ll plunk down the cash on the red versions. It’s very unlikely I’ll be buying anymore of these figures unless I find some way to fix them. So what’s the deal with these toys?

The package is decent but looks quite bootleg. This toy is not a bootleg, but it’s not an official Tsuburaya production either. See in the late 1990’s Tsuburaya actually lost their rights to Ultraman in everywhere but Japan to an evil guy named Sompote Saenguenchai and his company Chaiyo. Apparently he claimed he had made a deal with the owner of Ultraman and had all the rights to the character outside of Japan. This is the Taiwan Ultraman and several products came out as a result of this landmark piece of legislation. Including those DVDs that were released here in the states a few years ago.

Obviously the Japanese gods of Kaiju have decided to smite the Ultraman products as a result and make the figures break into a million pieces. Anywho, the packaging is made out of a flimsy hard plastic with no real backer. This normally wouldn’t be a concern but given how easily these figures break they should be shipped in a hermetically sealed case.

The back of the package has a key note. It says that the arms are EXTENDABLE to pose. What that boils down to is that you actually have to pull the arm out a little bit to get it to turn. That’s not what broke mine, but it nearly broke a few other pieces. It doesn’t actually pop out you just have to pull it from the front to turn it. A bit of a crazy idea if you ask me and whomever engineered that should be shot.

As I said before, if you ever end up with one of these figures remember to pull the arms down before you turn them. Otherwise it will break. There are a ton of articulation points, but I’m not really going to go over them because let’s face it, this figure is just asking to break at any moment.

The articulation that is here is plentiful but it’s all rendered pretty useless for fear that this guy might break at any moment. He has ball joints just about everywhere and I must commend the neck joint which has two actual joints, one for the neck and one for the head. If these joints weren’t so fragile this would be an absolutely amazing figure.

You can get Ultraman into some of his trademark poses as well as some other poses for fun. However this is not a figure you could “play” with. At any point when I was taking these pictures if this figure fell over he would have shattered like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable.

You get two figures with both the same basic design. One looks like traditional Ultraman and the other looks like Ultraman if he was made out of paper mache. I’m not really sure the point of that, but supposedly he’s more “organic” than the other. Sometimes Ultraman costumes would look a bit like this, so it’s passable. Most will prefer the more normal sculpt.

They call me Mr. Glass!

All of his armor except that on the shins and forearms appears to be removeable. Unfortunately on mine the armor is a little too removeable on one leg and keeps popping off. This is VERY annoying and there isn’t much I can do to stop it. I eventually used some of those tiny clear GI Joe rubber bands that Hasbro packs into everything but even that doesn’t make it hold very well.

It’s a shame too as the sculpt is really quite good. I’m not sure why they have the interior skin and then have this armor over top of it but it works. It’s like Ultraman if he was a Guyver.

The rest of the sculpt is solid though. Supposedly the eyes glow in the dark, but I tend to think that’s only on the red version. I haven’t tested these, but they don’t look like they glow.

Now take a look at these knee joints. See I kept hearing that the knees would break on these figures. I celebrated at first that none of my knees broke. A closer inspections shows that these knees are about to break. It’s like the plastic is petrified or something. So even if I can get past the broken arm on mine, his knees are set to go at any moment.

It’s really so disappointing because this figure has so much potential. Both of these figures could have been crown jewels in my collection and instead I’m not sure what to do with them.

Scale wise he’s a little too big to fit in with your Bandai figures. That pretty much rules out a lot of his usefulness to me.

The paint work is all great here with little to no slop. However this guy SMELLS. I think this may be lead paint. My hands smell like this toy twenty minutes later. If I get cancer from the figure, I’m going to be pissed. To up the lead levels, his feet are made of metal. That’s your Chogokin part. It works well enough since this figure is pretty loose to have heavy feet.

This set comes with EIGHT alternate hands and two alternate sets of feet. This means you can have your Ultraman punch, chop, grab and kick with various different hands and feet in addition to his crumble into pieces action.

Seriously, these added hands and feet are very cool. Unfortunately I’m scared to attempt to change the hands and feet because I figure I’ll just break him. I changed the broken arm have to his chop hand and didn’t have too much trouble, but of course, it was already broke.

Additional Notes:
Why can’t I have a decent Ultraman toy?! GAH! I really hate it that this figure sucks. Almost as much as I hate the fact that I’ll still probably end up buying a red one. I hate myself.

I got these for about $25 shipped which isn’t too bad of a value for two figures and accessories if you think about it. HOWEVER, it’s a bad value because their joints are made out of old dried up Playdoh. Most of these run for about $30 on Ebay PLUS shipping. I noticed some people selling the red versions on Ebay for OVER $80! I don’t know what I’d do if I paid $80+ on Ebay and these pieces of crap broke right out of the box but I imagine I’d punch my sister in the tits.

Shiny happy people.

If you can find them for under $25 and like toys that break when you look at them, it’s a steal.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 4
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 4
Accessories – Hands and Feet
Value – 4
Overall – 4 out of 10

These are the nicest pieces of crap I’ve ever owned. I kid you not, this would be probably one of my all time favorite action figures and I would go out and buy ALL the variants… If only the joints weren’t made so that they explode at the slightest hint of an ant fart. Spend your money elsewhere or come up with some way to make these figures customizable I guess.


In case you were wondering what happened with Ultraman’s rights, eventually Tsuburaya Productions got them back, evil Sompote Saengduenchai had to cease and desist as well as pay $10 million to Tsuburaya and I think Chaiyo went out of business. Serves them right for making such a awesome toy made of turds.

8 Responses to Ultraman SRC Type A & B Review

  • DrNightmare says:

    That is one sexy-looking toy, love the color-scheme.

    Hey, send me one of them and I’ll see if I can fix it/make it sturdier for you, no charge. I’d like to see how bad they really are.

  • TAO says:

    Did we have a review of the red ones up on AD a while ago? I think Updatedude reviewed them, did he mention the fragility issues, because that totally sucks. Gotta hate when figures break, especially if they’re good.

  • Beth says:

    @ DrNightmare: What a nice gesture.

    I don’t even collect toys, but I was upset that it broke. Especially once I saw the picture.

  • @TAO: Yeah you guys did I think. He said his broke too. I shoulda known better, but meh, it happens.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bought the red version of these the other day… for just under 70 bucks.

    So I was far more devastated when they broke.

    After a sleepless night of unsuccessful attempts to put the existing joints back together with superglue, I realized that I had a bunch of spare revoltech joints lying around.

    I started by removing both ends of each busted joint from the elbow and knee sockets (this took a bit of boil-and-pop). From that point, it was only a matter of filling in those sockets with epoxy clay, shoving the revoltech joints in, and waiting for things to dry.

    After a few joint-tightening operations using carefully-applied superglue and nail polish, Ultraman B Version (the cleaner, slimmer-looking one of the two) is now functional again, far sturdier and more articulated than ever.

    All in all, it’s a relatively easy, simple way to improve a toy that should have been excellent in the first place.

    Haven’t been able to use this on the Ultraman A Version (the organic looking guy) yet, because I don’t have any more extra joints.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mecha-Shiva here,bought these and found a fix for the joints…Just do the Superglue joint tightening technique on the elbows and knees,weirdly it stabilizes the crumbly plastic used for the joints.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is the Ultra Chogokin Line by Bandai, which has fully articulated Figures of all the Ultramen.
    Pic: http://img35.imageshack.us/i/ban119724b.jpg
    And recently, Bandai started a new line called Ultra Act. These are just as articulated as the Ultra Chogokin, but contain no Diecast. http://img121.imageshack.us/i/ultramanultraact.jpg/
    Prices vary. The Ultra Act Figures are, of course, cheaper because they contain no Diecast. They go for about 15 to 40$ and the Ultra Chogokin go for about 40 to 100$

  • Zero says:

    hey can you post the closer look of the joint that broke ?

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