One of the biggest blockbusters this summer was the relaunch of Star Trek. I personally have never been a huge Star Trek fan, but I have watched enough of the old show, movies and Next Generation, as well as my personal favorite Deep Space Nine to know enough about the franchise. I’m hardly an expert though, but I can dabble in Star Trek from time to time.

Along with the new movie came new figures from the company that brought the last set of Star Trek toys, Playmates. Being that I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, it might come as a surprise that I just purchased a Star Trek toy. However, the reasons for buying this set was because of the awesome clearance price. Awesome for me that is, not so much for Playmates.

Through the years my favorite Star Trek character has always been Scotty. I’m sure that’s the casual fan cop out, but I loved the idea of a drunken Scotsman at the helm of the engineering bay as well as the transporter room. “I’m givin’ er’ all she’s got Captain, but she can’t take much morrre!” is a phrase I throw out when the situation calls for it. So when the new movie came along, I was skeptical of anyone being able to replace James Doohan. Although I haven’t seen the flick, I think Simon Pegg was an interesting choice and of all the new Playmates Trek toys, Scott was calling out to me the most.

Since I decided against the single card a few times, I was shocked to see this bigger set on clearance. Figuring now was my chance to have a modern Montgomery Scott as well as a 3 3/4 playset, I jumped. Opening the box up I found plenty of pieces on the inside but this didn’t look like too much of a hassle to build. That’s always a plus.

Although there are only a few pieces there are a bit too many twist ties for my liking. It’s not as crazy as say the Tardis Playset (For those Doctor Who fans that had to deal with that) but it’s still a bit much. Even Scotty is wedged in with a twist tie and seeing as how his figure is in a plastic coffin shell, it’s a waste.

Once you break everything open you can either play with your Scotty or get right to work on building the playset. I actually went right to work on building the transporter room, but the purpose of this review I’ll go over Scotty first. He doesn’t have a ton of articulation, but for all the complaining I’ve heard about how Playmates didn’t give these guys enough articulation, I think he has a fair amount.

The main issue with articulation here isn’t that he doesn’t have enough, he actually has more than a lot of Star Wars figures do… No it’s the way it’s implemented that’s the problem. Mostly at the knees. He has pin/post style ball joints at the knee and while that gives him some extra movement it also makes his legs a bit wobbly and uneven.

This can complicate standing as well as any dynamic poses you might want to put Scotty in.

Scotty has a decent sculpt and you can tell the head is definitely supposed to be Simon Pegg. It’s definitely not a perfect likeness, but it’s comparable to some others out there. Hasbro still has the best 3 3/4 face scans around. The body build is a bit oddly proportioned though and the belt while functional doesn’t allow for much movement in that area. It either sits too high or just low enough.

The figures are a bit too small to fit into modern GI Joe scale, but he could pass off as a short man or a teenager. The sculpt makes him look pretty young in the face, so I suppose he could play a decent teen character. Scotty does fit in well with older 3 3/4 figures though and he’s no sillier looking than Indiana Jones guys if you plan on mixing him with your modern toys.

We do get a bit of slop around the hairline and unfortunately his Federation sigil is a real mess. I understand it’s hard to paint an area like that when it’s so small, but the fact that it’s screwed up doesn’t really make him stand out as particularly good in the paint area. Most everything else is cast in the appropriate color plastic.

One thing I do like on the figure is the sculpt of the belt. It looks really good and he has his tricorder in his pocket as well as a working holster for the phaser. The tricorder looked so good in there I actually thought it came out at first.

Scotty is really just a bonus here though because most people were buying this for the playset. The Transportation Room is where most good Star Trek stories started. In order to be beamed, you had to go there.

The sculpt on the transporter room is really good. As I said above, I haven’t seen the movie but I’d venture a guess that it’s relatively screen accurate. Mostly because this brings back visions of the original transporter room to me. Definitely none too shabby.

The whole thing fits together well enough but there is one pretty major cavaet and that the actual transporter tube that you’re supposed to use to replicate the transmat device. It pops out so that you can “beam them down” but that’s a pretty poor effect and the damn thing doesn’t fit very properly into the actual room element.

My cousin had the old Playmates Next Generation transporter room set and while I think this one definitely looks cooler, the original one had a much better transportation effect. The whole thing is a mirrored window and when you press a button the light comes on and makes the person appear or disappear. It’s similar to the old one, but I preferred how the original worked.

It does look pretty cool in the dark though! Thankfully batteries are included too.

The whole thing syncs up with a series of plugs that are really pretty weird. Because the main piece is hard to plug into the transportation platform this only works about half of the time. Shame too because I like the idea of being able to push the buttons on the control panel to make guys “teleport”.

I have no idea what I should consider the accessories here… Is Scotty the accessory or is the transporter room the accessory? Whatever the case you get a figure and a playset as well as some bonus stuff. For starters there is a “mat” that’s supposed to replicate the entire room.

The mat isn’t made of very good material. It feels about the consistency of Colorforms, if not even thinner. It’s a novel idea but I think it sort of fails in execution. This one is supposed to connect to the larger Bridge playset, but in order for you to put everything where it’s supposed to go, you have to pull apart the transporter.

I think it’s a little dumb to have everything snap together, only to include a play mat where you’re supposed to unplug everything. I just stuck the whole set on the mat and left it at that. Your mileage may vary.

Since this was on clearance I purchased it for $7.50! You read that right! Seeing as how the Star Trek figures originally retailed for $6.99 or so, I’d say this is a steal. I think this bad boy originally rang up at about $20 but it’s not worth that. I’d say pay no more than $15 for this thing unless you’re just desperate to own one.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7 (Scotty – 6)
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Phaser, Mat, Transporter
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

I’m a bit torn because my ranking is based on the price I paid for it. If you paid the original price for this piece, you can knock another full point or more off. It’s not a bad little set, but it’s not particularly good either. This is mostly just plastic junk that you can shove in the background of your diorama. The little chairs and desks that come with the figures are cooler than this set itself.

I doubt I’ll pick up anymore Star Trek figures. I just am not that impressed. I still love the original Playmates line though, but this one ain’t doing it for me. Still, for under $8 I made off like a bandit and I’ll put this stuff to good use. If you want to get your hands on this thing, Entertainment Earth still has it in stock, use this link:

Star Trek Movie Transporter Room Playset

4 Responses to U.S.S. Enterprise Transporter Room Review

  • Michael says:

    Despite the film doing well, it sees the toys did not. I would hope they at least sold better than the Terminator toys.

  • Gilltron says:

    The playset looks great and could be really fun the figure however doesn’t at least you got it on sale!

    @Michael there are so many Terminator toys clogging shelves here.

  • Shogi says:

    What I really hated was that the backdrop piece plugs into the floor and everything fits together like a puzzle piece. Unfortunately the extra 3 pieces of the floor you get when you buy 3 of the seperate figures complete the whole circle of the floor and leave the backdrop nowhere to plug into anymore

  • Anonymous says:

    Gave it to a friend in Belgium. He liked it. Paid alot — 28 Euros — but with Euro descending that could almost be 8 Dollars soon…. Har Har… I like the sound sample — and it looks good — but packed like a sardine case — friend was happy — me too — liked Scotty in the film– but am old school — James D was the best — in any case — enjoy it and worth the fun — who ever said grown men don’t play with dolls? 😉 Daniel M – Brugge Belgium

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