So just days after I finally catch up on Classic Doctor Who releases, Underground and Character Options have teamed up for two new releases. These sets will now give us FIVE different versions of Davros. Pretty crazy when you consider just a year ago we only had the modern one. We also get two more 4th Doctor variants and some extra Daleks. I’m a Dalek army builder, so I definitely want these sets, but your mileage is likely to vary.

Up first we have a Genesis of the Daleks set, based on the serial of the same name. This is an important set and it’ll go well with the anyone’s Dalek collection. This marks the first time we see Davros in the series and makes him an important figure in the history of the line. This serial is where we learn a lot about the creation of the Daleks and see as the 4th Doctor struggles with the thought of genocide to the Daleks in general. It’s a shame that Underground Toys didn’t get Character to produce a Dalek without it’s robot body for this set. Otherwise, though, it looks pretty good. This is coming in April.

Then we have a Destiny of the Daleks set. This comes from the serial where the Daleks were battling robotic Movellan race who have also arrived on Skaro and of course, reviving their old Dalek Master… Davros. We get a couple more basic Daleks from the era to round out the set. At least this set goes well with the Suicide Dalek that was released a while back in the 4th Doctor Adventure set. This set is believed to ship sometime in May.

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