HUZZAH! Brand new pictures of two exclusive 7th Doctor packs have surfaced. You may remember that the rumors and pics of a Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor started back in December and we were the first to cover it, 7th Doctor Appears. Now more pics have come to light and we can confirm earlier rumors that Sylvester is coming packed with a classic Tardis.

There is also a version with the Remembrance version of the Dalek. To make things even sweeter, Doctor Who fans can breath a sigh of relief as BOTH versions of the 7th Doctor appear to have his hat and umbrella. It’s removable too! Kudos to Character Options! No word just yet on pricing or when and where these will be available. Let’s hope they aren’t too limited.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Awesome news! I couldn't have asked for more than this when it comes to Sylvester!!! Both coat versions, hat, umbrella, and a freaking TARDIS? It seems too good to be true. THANK YOU, Character Options for all this well-deserved Seventh Doctor love!

  • Yeah I agree 100%! Hopefully they don't end up too hard to get or too expensive.

  • Bill says:

    These being Doctor Who toys, I think it's a given they will be hard to get, AND expensive. At least for those of us in the States.

  • Teddy says:

    These are likely going to be Forbidden Planet exclusives in the UK, which means they're going to be bloody expensive here too.

  • aaron says:

    i really want one email me if u knoww when it's out and how much

  • Jordan says:

    As Aaron previosulsy quoted above, plese can anyone supply details on when these figures will be released?? My Little Brother LEIGHTON is madly obsessed with Doctor Who and wants these figures desparately!! Thanks for any help. LEIGHTON's big sister Jordan xx

  • Hi guys, I'll try to provide details when I get them. As of now, they haven't officially announced when, where or what price these will be available for. With Doctor Who, we usually get details in a couple of months. I'm guessing early spring or summer. So you probably have a couple months wait.

    Hope that helps. Keep checking the website and I'll update when it becomes known.

  • aaron says:

    thanks newton gimmick keep in contact and thanks for agreeing jordan

  • aaron says:

    7th doctor figurine £35.00 with tardis and £25.00 with dalek at forbidden planet

  • aaron says:

    7th doctor figurine £35.00 with tardis. £25.00 with dalek forbidden planet

  • aaron says:

    don't say thanks anyone

  • real mccoy says:

    the tardis has no lights inside and it has no picture inside.
    same goes for the 4th doctor tardis.
    and if you dont want to spend £25 on the 7th doctor with dalek, wait a while as there is a single carded doctor in cream coat coming out

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