So there’s some good TV news and some bad TV news. I’ll start with the good, since it’s less of a heartbreaker. Russell T. Davies told TV Guide Magazine that he hopes to start work on the fourth season of Torchwood in January. With Doctor Who coming back with Stephen Moffat in charge, this should give Davies more time to devote to Torchwood. I liked Torchwood pretty well and my GF specifically told me to make sure more of them got made (I dunno HOW exactly I was to do that) but obviously I succeeded.

Smallville ratings are up, though still down from last season. That seems to bode well that the show will get another season, especially if the TV movie does well. CW basically put Smallville on Friday to either completely carry the network or sink. Thus far it’s held it’s own in a high tide. Friday nights are terrible for TV.

And sadly the bad news, ABC is canceling Eastwick after it’s season finishes out. Every fall season I take a gamble on a few new shows and this year Eastwick was one of them. It started out just barely okay, the pilot was pretty weak and the show almost got a pass from me. But as the weeks went on the stories really started to link up and made for some decent mindless television. It seemed like it had potential, but I assume it’s dead now. Maybe some huge campaign will sprout up, but I doubt it. How Cougar Town which just looks ridiculously abysmal is going to get renewed but Eastwick isn’t, is beyond me.

NBC supposedly is still looking at getting rid of Law & Order. REALLY? Feels like only yesterday I was complaining about this same crap last year. NBC can’t cancel Law & Order. That’d be a total mistake. I was just remarking to my GF the other day about how the regular Law & Order is steadily becoming my favorite, especially after SVU has gone off the deep end this season with every episode being an overacted cliche.

In TOLD YOU SO news, Fox has canceled Dollhouse. Last year Fox had a choice between giving Terminator another season or giving Dollhouse another season. Despite Terminator having much stronger ratings, they went with Dollhouse instead. Dollhouse’s ratings went in the toilet and they didn’t even have a big summer movie that they could have tied into to rake in some interest, like TERMINATOR DID! Fox is so stupid.

Late Night: The Clone Wars:
I tried to watch some of Lopez Tonight but it was just terrible. Not even a great guest like Larry David could save that train wreck. Conversely Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has gotten quite a bit better. He’s still no Conan, but he’s growing on me. Elsewhere every night that the Jay Leno Show airs, it sets a new record for it’s lowest rating. I’m not kidding, the rating drops EVERY night. NBC totally screwed the pooch with Leno, as they should have just given him the boot and worked on promoting Conan. Instead they tried to split the audience and ended up hurting everyone. The Tonight Show is battling neck and neck in the demos with Letterman’s Late Show, but is about a full point behind in overall ratings. One would imagine Letterman’s scandals (which just seem to keep on coming) as well as mega guests like Former President Clinton and current President Obama, really dig him a trench of positive ratings. Conan still hasn’t had one mega-star in 100 shows. The late night wars are awfully muddled now with dozens of late night shows on every night and few guests to go around. NBC’s ratings are in the toilet overall, so it’s hard to blame Conan when his lead in is Leno and a bunch of other shows nobody watches. Nightline appears to be the big winner, beating most all other late night shows. Presumably from old people who are confused by talk show hosts and their tweetertalk.

Anyone else watch Saturday Night Live this past week? Pretty funny overall, especially the Keenan Thompson scared straight bit. That’s always a laugh out loud segment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Keenan’s the funniest guy on SNL. I also liked the Frankenstein send up of Twilight, while not particularly funny, was great satire.

Finally I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the last few episodes of Heroes have actually been pretty good. This is the best season since the first season. I’m actually mildly interested in what happens to most of the characters right now, as opposed to hating everyone and everything on the show like the last couple of seasons.

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