Welcome to TV Breakage, week #3 here at InfiniteHollywood.com, covering all the latest television industry news. We skipped last week because there just really wasn’t much going on and I felt it would be better to pack in twice the info this week than turn in a week’s worth of mostly saying the same. If you have a television show or channel that you’d like to see brought to attention here, feel free to comment and let us know.

While we’ve been talking a lot about new shows lately, it’s getting dangerously close to time for many shows to see the axe. Unfortunately it looks like CBS’ The Defenders, could be one of them. This upsets me as Defenders was one of the few shows I rolled the dice on and have enjoyed pretty much the whole time. It’s a lighter legal drama and I really think Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi play their roles well. CBS is an interesting network, in that shows like the Defenders as an example, score higher ratings than anything on NBC, but for CBS is considered bad. Blue Bloods is also in trouble on CBS, despite doing pretty good as well. The big issue with these shows is that they’re struggling in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Even shows which are stronger on CBS, like The Good Wife could be on their way out. It makes you wonder if someone like NBC wouldn’t try to pick these shows up if they got canceled, though highly unlikely.

Other shows on the chopping block is ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7, No Ordinary Family and V. Interesting to note that pretty much all of these shows had a good buzz coming into this season and yet managed to fizzle out for various reasons. Is there any wonder why jaded folks like myself like to wait until a show has been on the air for a few years before starting it?

Pretty much everything on NBC is on the bubble not named 30 Rock or Law & Order: SVU. The good news for fans of NBC shows is that the bar is set really low over at the peacock these days. Speaking of NBC, they’ve put Silas Weir Mitchell in as one of the leads as a “Big Bad Wolf” for the potential new fall show, Grimm. If you don’t know Silus, well, he’s pretty much that kind of ugly looking guy who’s been in a lot of TV shows the past few years.

Of course the big news of the week was Two and a Half Men basically getting destroyed from the inside by creator Chuck Lorre and star Charlie Sheen calling one another out. The former in one of his little TV signoffs “vanity cards” and the latter in a very public radio interview. Thus ends a turbulent week of changes and rumors on that show, with production completely halted for this season. Being essentially the hottest show on TV and far and away the highest rated sitcom on television, one would imagine this will eventually get resolved or will spell one of the strangest endings to a television show in history. I say swap in Emilio Estevez and see if anyone notices.

Finally, Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum will return to Smallville for the two hour finale later this year. Sweet! I know that will make a lot of fans happy and it was really important to bring him round for the finale.

Syfy plans to show reruns of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in four hour blocks every Thursday starting next month. I really liked that show and ranked it as one of my Best Shows on Television back in 2008 and I really would have liked to seen another season to wrap up the storylines. Sadly now all that’s left in anyone’s mind about Terminator is that last dreadful movie and toys that won’t leave the shelves of TRU.

Speaking of Syfy, they actually have a pretty interesting pilot in the works putting Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle together as mystery solving buddies in the 1920’s. It’s untitled as of now, but it sounds like an interesting premise. The two men were actually friends in real life, though whether they ever really solved any mysteries together is unknown.

Justified held it’s own in ratings this week, although it didn’t set the world on fire. Hopefully it continues to do well on FX. Yours truly, of course, completely forgot to set it to tape this past week. D’oh! I really need to write down a list of what I’m watching and DVRing these days.

Even Cable is not immune to shows being axed as TBS is getting rid of Glory Daze despite really hyping it up for most the year. I thought the idea of a period piece (well 1980’s) sitcom had some potential, but this seemed a little too American Pie for it’s own good. Then again, I never actually watched it, so maybe it was better than the commercials led me to believe.

Wrasslin Ratings
Perhaps off the back of the return of the Rock or because of all the 2-21-11 nonsense or maybe even because it was a post PPV show WWE Raw jumped up to a 3.9 rating. That has to be pleasing someone in the Vince McMahon camp, though whether that spike can sustain is uncertain. WrestleMania season tends to bring high ratings in general.

Spike TV’s TNA iMPACT ended the week with a 1.3 which is pretty good for both the program and the network. Next week’s show is very hyped and features the return of Hulk Hogan along with some 2-3-11 mysteries of their own, so we’ll have to see if that manages to build off this week’s good rating or not.

Sources for this column include Travis Yanan, Daily Variety, TVBytheNumbers, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, PWTorch.

Another week down. Don’t let the discussion stop here, feel free to leave me feedback and comments, as well as any programming notes you might want to extend to your fellow man. With that, the remote is yours.

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