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Right off the bat, NBC is canceling Perfect Couples, but will be reviving a pilot from last season, The Paul Reiser Show. The latter was passed on but is now getting a second chance. I’ve always liked Paul Reiser, so it should be interesting to see if his new show works. It’s more or less like Curb Your Enthusiam as it’s a fake “real” look at his life.

Perhaps the best news on NBC is that Community, Parks & Recreation and The Office were all renewed. Of those shows, I only watch Community but I know they’re all fan favorites. The Office is in a bit of transition, with Steve Carell leaving. As for the show I do watch, I think Community is one of the funniest shows on television some of the time and at other times I think they go too far into the absurd to really be funny as they could be. I much preferred the show when there was some actual pretense that this was a show about adults in college. While this Thursday night comedy block is clearly the best thing NBC has going right now, every show was down this past week, including a new series low for the aforementioned Community. Ouch!

America’s Next Great Restaurant isn’t doing great on NBC, but I actually think it’s a fun show. Maybe it would have been a better fit for the Food Network. The new season of Celebrity Apprentice is doing fairly well, but I think perhaps NBC should have put it as the lead-in to ANGR.

ABC’s Mr. Sunshine has bounced up and down in the ratings and in quality, but was up quite a bit this past week in terms of numbers thanks to a big lead-in from Modern Family. I’ve been watching Mr. Sunshine now for several weeks and I don’t think it’s terrible. It’s nowhere near as good as Modern Family though and if the former didn’t come on after it, I doubt I’d waste my time DVRing Sunshine. Modern Family may be my favorite sitcom of all time, for the record.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent will begin it’s final season on May 1st, with NBC showing the first episode. NBC has been off and on with showing the program, but USA will also air the program as well. Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will be back as Detectives Goren and Eames when it begins to air again. I quite liked Jeff Goldblum during his brief stint on the show and I think USA is to blame for the downfall of the program with their constant tinkering more than Goldblum. Of course I’d be lying if I didn’t say that every time I saw Goldblum on L&O:CI I was really wishing he was still on Raines. Goldblum was brilliant on Raines and that was a show that NBC should have invested in for a few seasons.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is the official new name for the next season of Torchwood, set to debut on Starz, Friday, July 8th. I guess I’m going to have to order Starz. I need me some Torchwood and I suspect ordering Starz just for the program might help the show get a second season.

Fox has renewed Fringe despite the fact that the show’s ratings are on the decline. That’s good news for fans of the JJ Abrams show. I’ve never watched it, but I hear good things. Once I heard it was getting a 4th season, I put it on the Netflix queue and will be watching starting from the beginning this weekend. Some are already speculating that it’s been renewed only so it can be put into a impossible ratings position and then can be quietly canceled next season without outrage. We shall see.

I mentioned a while back about SyFy doing a show about Houdini, but this year they’ve also got some other interesting shows on their plate. Three Inches will be a comedy about superheroes who have lame super powers… Like the ability to move objects with their mind, but only about 3 inches. Me and Lee is about a young guy who is repaired by bionics by Lee Majors. Both of those shows are comedy programs, which to my recollection is pretty new to the network. Unless you count WWE: NXT as comedy. Because it was hilariously, terrible.

FX continues to be one of the best cable networks on TV with shows like Justified and now Ryan Murphy creator of another former FX show, Nip/Tuck will be making a new show called American Horror Story. It’s being billed as “completely original and shocking exploration into the darkest depths of the American heartland”, which sounds interesting enough. Perhaps even more interesting is that each season is supposedly going to be an entire new cast of characters. Few other details are available. This project is being kept, hush-hush.

Anyone else watching Chopped: All Stars? I love the regular Chopped show and have been enjoying the “celebrity” chefs do battle. This weekend is the episode I’m most excited for as the regular judges will be entering the fray.

We had a lot of coverage of C2E2 this past week, but one of the highlights was the Walking Dead panel where stars Laurie Holden and Jon Bernthal discussed a lot of what goes into a project like that. The panel was entertaining and not too heavy handed, which made it much more enjoyable than some panels out there which focus too much on trying to tell you how important their work is.

There wasn’t a ton of new information, beyond the Stephen King rumor and news that Frank Darabont will write, but not direct the premiere episode. However the most interesting tidbit came via Jon Bernthal as he discussed Shane’s motivations as a character. Shane has become one of the most interesting characters in the TV adaptation and given that his comic book character was pretty much one note, it’s fascinating to get an inside look at him. Here’s some video I took with Bernthal basically summing up why he thinks Shane is the way he is:

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