Awesome photo courteously of Bry from the Technodrome. It’s such a simple picture, in the style of Turtles Forever, but it works on so many levels. I’ve been really rekindling my TMNT love the past couple of weeks. Doing some reviews now and getting out a bunch of my classic Ninja Turtles figures is a lot of fun. This photo encompasses a lot of that joy.

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  • Mark says:

    Originals are still the best.
    This picture proves how odd the NECA figures are….only good thing about them was articulation.

  • jestergoblin says:

    Awww no next mutation too?

    I personally love the NECA figures. Had the TMNT 2K3 figures been that well designed, those would have been my absolute favorites.

  • Wow shocked that you don't like the NECAs. That's a first, but understandable. I loved all these figures, oddly enough.

  • If I'd taken this picture it'd had Next Mutation in there. Without Venus, but I loved those designs and the figures were pretty cool.

  • jestergoblin says:

    I sadly no longer have Venus or Donny from TNM. One day my dog found them and thought their rubber limbs were far too delicious and devoured the two of them. My mom told me I should have put them away but I pointed out that someone else had left my closet door open. But that was like 13 years ago.

    But yeah, they were everything that I loved about the movie turtles but with a more cartoony look. And I loved the different bandanas they each had.

  • Mark says:

    Having owned all 4 of the NECA figures and comapring them to the vintage and the Movie Star Turtles etc….I can honestly say in my opinion the NECA figures are the worst toys..
    Again I am saying as 'toys'. They are not meant to be played with or moved al lot. I am very careful with everything but my Leonardo broke almost intantly from opening….the sheath came from the shell and the sword blade broke. If you plan on posing them and putting them on the shelf they re okay. The overall aesthetics really do not appeal to me…mainly the long necks and the awful design of the shell…articulation isnt eveything, they would have been better sacraficing some POA in favour of a better design. I am by no means a 4H fan boy….but I would love to see the comic/ drawing these figures were based on because in all the different Turtle comis I read I never seen them mispraportioned with thin arms and big long necks.
    And another thing they ar all the same figure with just a different head….noot even a slightly different paint scheme for the body.
    Give me any of the other figures anyday…Playmates win hands down in my opinion.

  • I'm thankful to never had much trouble with my NECAs. I'm a big fan of them, but I also understand some of your grievances. I'm a big fan of the Playmates turtles as well.

  • Mark says:

    Sorry for my rant in my last comment LOL.

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