Incredible. I usually don’t cover MOTUC on sale days, because to be honest, I’m too busy trying to order my MOTUC figures to be bothered to report on it. That said, today was easily the biggest on sale date yet. Trap-Jaw, perennial favorite and overall badass went on sale with Battle Cat, which appears to be an awesome deal at $30 and is a generally cool toy.

So Trap-Jaw appears to have sold out at around 10 minutes. Which makes Trap-Jaw the fastest sellout yet. Each month the sellouts come quicker and quicker. Eventually I can only assume the sellouts will happen before items even go on sale. At least, that’s the trend, no?

What’s surprising is that ever since the 2010 subscription started, sellouts have come uber quick. I hypothesized back when the subscriptions first came around that Mattel would only make a little over the subscription number. Most people said I was stupid back then and there was no way that Mattel would do that… But Mattel confirmed as much at ToyFair and in some recent interviews and with Trap-Jaw we’re seeing that in full effect. Whatever stock was left, was sold within 10 minutes.

Battle Cat sold out in just under a half hour himself. He had the larger price point of $30, but anyone who’s a subscriber (including yours truly) got a $8 coupon to help with the cost of shipping him. My total for shipping was $3, which I’d just like to personally thank Mattel for. They certainly didn’t HAVE to do that, but the fact that they did gives them a lot of good will on my end. I give Mattel grief for a lot of things, but MOTUC has made me very happy and my Club Eternia 2010 membership has been great.

Now I guess I’ll pose the big question… Why is Mattel still making MOTUC so inaccessible? Sure, I was able to get my stuff, but it was close. I spent abut 10 minutes just going through the whole process and that’s about the time that Matty’s site started telling new people that figures were selling out. I just don’t understand why they don’t make more of these figures. They need to DOUBLE whatever it is that they’re making per figure now.

Even as a subscriber, I’m worried about not being able to get all these bonus figures. 30 minutes is a very short window of time… 10 minutes is even shorter. What should Mattel do?

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  • Wow, even Pixel Dan couldn't get through. It's an all new Mattycalypse!

  • Carlos Jones says:

    They sell those stands. How are people gonna buy stands if they can't even buy the figures in the first place?

  • Hugo Roman says:

    Is almost for sure theyll sell Trapjaw like Skeletor —-We apologize but we didnt received all Trapjaws so well make an "special sale"—

  • clark says:

    You have the answer, Mattel should make more figures. I am not a completist with any line, especially not expensive ones like this. I just buy figures randomly that interest me, and I may be interested in one line for a couple of weeks (e.g. lately I've picked up a several transformers over the past two weeks, I know you're not a fan so don't hate me) but in general I just buy what I think looks cool. I have a few MOTUC figures (He-man, Skeletor, Teela, Webstor, and Tri Klops). Skeletor was the only figure that I purchased from Matty and was lucky to get him when he was re-released. All others I got from eBay, but until today (when I bought Trap Jaw) I never paid more than $28 for any one figure. That is still a lot of money, but for someone as myself it's better than spending $200+ for a subscription.
    Mattel needs to realize that there are a lot of people out there who simply can't put the subscription money up front. Selling a lot of subscriptions just means the line is incredibly popular, but I'm willing to bet that subscription holders represent less than 5% of collectors who buy this line.
    They could just up the production on the really cool looking figures, like most bad guys in this line. I know that it is subjective as to what looks cool when using that to figure out which figures will sell out fast, so I'll give Mattel a big helping suggestion right now: Everything that you've shown at Toy Fair this week…..up the numbers, big time.

  • VerySad says:

    Trap jaw sold out in 5 minutes. I was in the final stages of confirming my billing and shipping (after waiting 10 minutes in their 'refresh' hold screen) when at 12:05, "One of the items in your shopping cart has sold out". Which one Matty? Why in five minutes Matty? Why was I waiting in a hold screen for ten minutes to end up toy-less Matty? Because we want the toys and are willing to buy only online, at $20-30 a-piece, and push aside our Business Ethics for a toy. has failed at providing decent services to their customers for more than a year, with this line.

    I think He-Man would disapprove~

  • Yeah and I've said this from the beginning, with figures like Trap-Jaw, it's basically two characters. So a lot of people, including subscribers are buying an extra. I imagine there will be people buying 3 She-Ras. So any figure that has an extra head, the production rate should go up accordingly. That's been a big factor ever since Mer-Man. People buy more of the ones with extra heads… And I like I say, Trap-Jaw was more than just a head, he's got bonus arms etc.

  • Ouch. Definitely sounds like you had a bad experiance. I'm just befuddled that they simply don't make more… OR sell vouchers. Like, right now, they're sold out. But they should just keep selling them. Saying that you're paying now and you'll receive him when they make more in 2-3 months.

    That seems like that would work, especially for popular figures that sell out. The way it works now, as soon as someone sells out, everyone rushes to Ebay. Mattel doesn't make any money on that. The same figure is sold twice, but Mattel only gets paid once and the second time it's being sold, it's selling for more than the original pricetag. Vouchers would remedy that.

  • clark says:

    It's funny you said that, because the fact that he has an interchangeable arm and extra head is a big reason I wanted to get him, because it feels like I'm getting my money's worth. Also I need to point out that having interchangeable parts is not the same as "action features"……I don't want them getting ideas.

  • Eddy says:

    I was lucky to get a Battle Cat but only because I had a friend help. We we both on trying to buy him for me. I wasn't able to get through, but he did and he ordered ONE for me. He didn't buy any. So I really lucked out.

  • Wes says:

    I don't flipping get Mattel at all. They had me back in their camp (kinda) with the Adora replacement… and then they blew their capital with the TG interview and this debacle. (Not that anyone behind the scenes is keeping a tally of this stuff or anything.) I do not understand this preoccupation with shit selling out immediately! I can see why a smaller business with extremely limited warehouse space and funds so limited that they literally can't make larger production runs would want that, but this is flipping Mattel! If it were me, I would want figures to hang around for at least a month — maybe even two. Not only would they sell more on the first few days, but then they could get even more sales after the first people received theirs.

    Like, I wasn't on board for Battle Cat *today*, but suppose I read TAO's review or see Mike Crawford's pics in a week or so and am convinced to take the plunge. If I want to do that now, I'll have to go the eBay route and pay even more — which I won't do — but if MattyCollector still had him in stock I could order it there and put more money in Matty's pocket! Argh.

  • clark says:

    It almost makes me wonder if Mattel really has a huge stash of these figures, and are pretending to sell out to keep the sale price high. I mean, if they had noticeably larger production runs then the $20 price tag would not be justified, as they would be getting a good deal. So perhaps if they have a production run of say….30 thousand, but pretend to only have 5-10 thousand, then collectors will still jump for the figures even at the higher price. Mattel brings in a profit once they sell just a few thousand figures, because they're bringing in an 80% profit margin per unit, then they wait a couple of months and release the rest of the figures again.
    This almost makes sense to me, but then I wonder "what about all the money left on the table when scalpers sale them again on ebay?" Well, Mattel doesn't care because they still made their profit, they sold all of the necessary figure due to fans and scalpers who buy 20 of these things, and scalpers help keep the demand high at the same time. So maybe the scalpers are helping Mattel more than I think they are?
    I'm just thinking out loud here, but a sellout like this just doesn't make sense to me.

  • Nikoli says:

    What really sucks is that I am not currently collecting MOTU, but when I saw the news about the DCUC/MOTU 2-packs, I figured I'd go ahead and grab Battle Cat and Trap Jaw so that I had them for later. No such luck.
    Introducing more people to the MOTU line through the 2-packs are a great idea IF (and only if) they have more characters available for the new people to continue their collections with. I'm not going to start a collection I know I have no prayer of being able to continue.
    Matty needs to keep this in mind. Oh, and their subscription is not the answer. Its hard enough for me to scrape together the cash for each DCUC wave, so asking me to spend a minimum of $480 is not cool.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Every month I see the same sense of dread. It's akin to Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The chances of a MOTUC product selling out before every customer completes their order is about as good as getting shot if you walk into the middle of a drive-by in East L.A.

    Battle Cat and Trap-Jaw have been popular characters since I was a kid. I had Trap-Jaw but my aunt asked a friend to have "Santa" deliver Battle Cat to go with He-Man one Christmas and the friend didn't deliver. (I think her grandson kept it instead or she just couldn't find one.) So it's no surprise that some casual fans would be interested in the new versions released today. And thus, we ended up with yet another Matty fiasco in our laps.

    I was lucky enough to get Battle Cat (after 26 years, no less) and managed to use the discount code to boot. Trap-Jaw was already in the bag since I have a monthly subscription. I would probably vote for one that covered everything from figures to beasts, and maybe even vehicles. Heck, I would pay for a playset subscription seeing how Mattel is still hesitant to make this line available at retail. But something has to be done, and soon. Collecting toys should be an enjoyable experience, not something guaranteed to give you a hernia.

    It's been a long day. Again.

  • While I don't really believe what you're saying could be true (though nothing surprises me with Mattel anymore) one of the figures I got a while back had a load of dust on it. Like it had been sitting in a warehouse fora year or something. I can't remember which one it was, but I remember thinking that it was odd, as if Mattel had been sitting on the figure for a long time.

  • Although I don't have the new one in hand yet, I had the old one. While it's probably not as magical as Christmas 26 years ago, I can assure you that between the two the wait is much better for this one. Hope you enjoy 😉

  • clark says:

    I don't really believe it, and I'm not a conspiracy guy, I was just trying to "think outside the box" because I'm having a hard time believing that Mattel does not know how popular their toys really are.
    So they're going back into production, is this going to be a few hundred more of each, or do you think we can expect a full production run? I definitely want a Battle Cat, and a couple of months can make sure I put enough money aside to get him.

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