Incredible. I usually don’t cover MOTUC on sale days, because to be honest, I’m too busy trying to order my MOTUC figures to be bothered to report on it. That said, today was easily the biggest on sale date yet. Trap-Jaw, perennial favorite and overall badass went on sale with BattleCat, which appears to be an awesome deal at $30 and is a generally cool toy.

So Trap-Jaw appears to have sold out at around 10 minutes. Which makes Trap-Jaw the fastest sellout yet. Each month the sellouts come quicker and quicker. Eventually I can only assume the sellouts will happen before items even go on sale. At least, that’s the trend, no?

What’s surprising is that ever since the 2010 subscription started, sellouts have come uber quick. I hypothesized back when the subscriptions first came around that Mattel would only make a little over the subscription number. Most people said I was stupid back then and there was no way that Mattel would do that… But Mattel confirmed as much at ToyFair and in some recent interviews and with Trap-Jaw we’re seeing that in full effect. Whatever stock was left, was sold within 10 minutes.

BattleCat sold out in just under a half hour himself. He had the larger price point of $30, but anyone who’s a subscriber (including yours truly) got a $8 coupon to help with the cost of shipping him. My total for shipping was $3, which I’d just like to personally thank Mattel for. They certainly didn’t HAVE to do that, but the fact that they did gives them a lot of good will on my end. I give Mattel grief for a lot of things, but MOTUC has made me very happy and my Club Eternia 2010 membership has been great.

Now I guess I’ll pose the big question… Why is Mattel still making MOTUC so inaccessible? Sure, I was able to get my stuff, but it was close. I spent abut 10 minutes just going through the whole process and that’s about the time that Matty’s site started telling new people that figures were selling out. I just don’t understand why they don’t make more of these figures. They need to DOUBLE whatever it is that they’re making per figure now.

Even as a subscriber, I’m worried about not being able to get all these bonus figures. 30 minutes is a very short window of time… 10 minutes is even shorter. What should Mattel do?

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