With Mattel’s recent release of new Scare Glow pictures and the sudden influx of interest into Scare Glow as a character, it got me thinking to a bit of history with the character. One of the reasons that Scare Glow “glows in the dark” is that the character is a ghost. He’s invisible during the day or in any light and is only visible as a ghastly glowing apparition at night.

Mattel seems well aware of this, which is why they’re even adding to his backstory with the “Greyskull key” that he must forever keep with him like Jacob Marley.

HOWEVER, I wondered if they’d be interested in making a translucent variant down the road? Scare Glow is supposed to be invisible, so I think a translucent figure would be very cool. Those zany guys over a COTU made one a few years back using the old mold.

Definitely looks cool to me. Of course I’d like to see MOTUC’s invisible version be a bit more than just clear translucent plastic.

Anyone else interested in a clear variant, perhaps as a bonus down the line?

2 Responses to Translucent Scare Glow?

  • Charles says:

    I’d be down for one like this. Or maybe one with a skeleton inside a clear body.

  • Michael says:

    So far I have only bought Mer-Man. I am planning on grabbing Adora, Moss Man, and the re-release of Skeletor. I may get the He-Man re-release. Doom Patrol and the possibility of He-Man may prevent me from buying Scareglow when released. I do not know if I can put that much down then. He sure is tempting, though. A clear variant would indeed be interesting.

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