Does Transformers 2 have the ability to be the biggest grossing movie of the summer? Can it beat Dark Knight of last summer? Well it could. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Optimus and gang for the second time and I keep hearing bad things, but obviously someone likes this movie.

Transformers 2 has already made over $201 million dollars and is now the highest grossing movie to open in June. I think Transformers is on it’s way to being the big summer blockbuster of 2009. Of course GI Joe, Harry Potter and a few other movies have yet to come but it’s hard to imagine any of them will be able to take down Transformers.

Here’s where all the big summer movies set so far. Remember, Transformers has only been out a week and already has almost as much money as Star Trek. From these numbers we can see that Terminator bombed, as did Land of the Lost and Year One (Although that movie did just open) and perhaps the biggest winner of the summer will be guy comedy, The Hangover which had a $35 million budget and has brought in high triple digits.

1. Up – $250 million
2. Star Trek – $246.2 million
3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – $201.2 million
4. The Hangover – $183 million
5. Wolverine: Origins – $177 million
6. Night at the Museum 2 – $163 million
7. Angels & Demons – $130 million
8. Terminator Salvation – $120 million
9. Land of the Lost – $46 million
10. Year One – $32 million

Transformers looks like it will knock off Star Trek by next week and should sail on it’s way to the #1 movie this summer soon. What’s your thoughts? Should Transformers be making all this bank? What movie will end up as the #1 summer flick?

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  • Anonymous says:

    I also heard bad things about this morning (not just from you) but from other sources. However, my nephew went and saw it and liked it – but I’m not sure how much he tries to follow storylines/plot or whether or not he just likes things that blow up? He’s a teenage boy – it could go either way.

    – Beth

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