I’m not going to go into a lot of pictures, reposting or reporting on Toyfair. I wasn’t there, so I had to get my information from the same people you did. What I can give you is some general analysis from what I learned and basically what I think of what some of the big companies are doing as well as general direction stuff.

– No real TMNT news. NECA head honcho did say he’d still like to do TMNT products and wants to try to get those out in 2010 since Playmates is doing nothing. That said, they only had those freaky Batsus on display.

– Showed off some cool sculpts for Jonah Hex figures. Impressive sculpting all around. Minimal articulation.

– Freddy Movie figures. Couple shown. Look neat. Minimal articulation.

– Predator figures appear to be new sculpts, not sure on articulation.

– Clash of the Titans… Same as above. Good sculpts, little to no articulation.

MY THOUGHTS: Honestly I have little care for what NECA is doing. I’m baffled that a company that made some of the best figures ever (The NECA TMNT) continues to fumble around with licenses like it has no idea what it’s doing. The Batsu product line is a waste of time and space and tooling dollars. Predator, Jonah Hex and Freddy figures all looked excellent but I don’t buy stuff like that. Why? Because none of the figures appear to have any useful articulation. It’s right up there with McFarlane’s old statues more or less. The Predator figures MIGHT have articulation that could be useful, but I couldn’t tell. The other lines don’t even offer moving legs.

– Not much on display. A couple new figures of Leatherface and Michael Myers. Some stylized. Looked pretty cool, but minimal articulation

Mattel WWE:
– Legends coming, including those already announced.

– Wave 2 includes the worst Jimmy Snuka figure I’ve ever seen. Honestly looks like a turd in tights.

– Wave 2 also to have a fairly shoddy classic Terry Funk NWA 70’s era.

– Jake Roberts looks good, except his hair appears to be randomly glued on his head. Looks like Roberts in a toupee.

– Only decent figures in Wave 2 are Iron Shiek and WCW era Rick Rude.

MY THOUGHTS: Like I said above, uh, some of these likenesses are TERRIBLE. It’s not like any of these guys are dead either, so they should be able to scan them and then work from there. Snuka looks NOTHING like Snuka. Funk is passable, but makes Jakks’ Funk look like a masterpiece by comparison. Roberts is actually really good except he’s got Hulk Hogan style hair with another wig piece pasted on top of it. Looks really awkward. Hopefully these guys will be improved before final release.

Mattel Masters of the Universe:
– Second DCUC versus MOTUC pack will be Skeletor versus Lex Luthor. Nothing new in set, but looks nice. Have said that the DCUC vs MOTUC packs will continue so long as they sell… So basically MOTUC is retail now.

– Count Marzco, Keldor, Whiplash (with 2002 head extra), She-Ra (With 3 heads), Tytus (12 inches), Gygor coming. All look excellent.

– Special Robot Chicken Mo-Larr & Toothless Skeletor 2 pack coming.

– Weapons pack also coming.

MY THOUGHTS: Basically I have to choose one Mattel line to follow and MOTUC is it. Everything looks great. Gygor appears to be almost entirely a new sculpt, though he may use Grodd parts. Either way, it’s official, NOTHING is off the table when it comes to MOTUC. Mattel will clearly spend tooling dollars on anything with MOTUC, so there are no fears anymore IMO about any particular character not coming. Mo-Larr is the dumbest idea ever and first MOTUC I will skip. Tytus looks decent, though I question using so much unproduced stuff as the core backing of MOTUC. Does help make the line feel fresh though. Excellent work all around.

Mattel Ghostbusters:
– Slimed Venkman has resculpted Slimer. Looks stupid.

– First alternate outfits is guys in lab coats.

– Not much else shown but said they will be going outside the normal stuff soon.

MY THOUGHTS: This line is as good as dead, IMO. The pack-ins thus far don’t seem that interesting and I think after the one-two punch of Walter Peck and Ray Stantz in lab coat, we’ll just about wrap up. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an unslimed Venkman and Egon before the line dies, but this line seems to have poor character choices and uninspiring sculpts. I think Mattel may be throwing in the towel soon.

Mattel JLU:
– Superman with mini Kandor coming.

– Atom, MINI Atom (With poseable arms), Classic Repaint Brainiac and Martian Manhunter coming.

– MattyCollector exclusive Lobo.

– Manhunter Robot 3 pack coming. Two robots and one John Stewart.

– Desaad, Classic Aquaman, Firestorm, couple of re-releases coming.

MY THOUGHTS: Lobo I think is make or break for JLU on MattyCollector. I think he’ll sell like gangbusters. Everything shown looks EXCELLENT to me. JLU has never looked better. That said, after I get the announced figures, I’d feel fulfilled. Though I want the line to continue on for years.

– Tons of new Sonic figures, including new comic packs.

– Sonic vehicle figures.

– Robot Chicken figures coming.

– A-Team figures (no pics though)

MY THOUGHTS: I like that Jazwares is stepping up and becoming a power in the toy community. They’re almost the new Playmates. All the Sonic stuff looks awesome, but sadly no Dr. Robotnik yet. Robot Chicken line sounds fun (as opposed to stupid MOTUC Robot Chicken stuff) and I’m curious about the A-Team stuff just because 3 3/4 human figures are hard to do.

Hasbro GI Joe/Marvel Universe:
– Too much to cover.

– SDCC Sgt. Slaughter exclusive… TWO VERSIONS! Original single card version and Triple T tank version.

MY THOUGHTS: I felt it was Hasbro’s show thus far. Tons of new stuff for Joe, including the new Hiss Tank and new Resolute 5 packs. Everything looked great. Tons of Marvel Universe and Iron Man stuff. Basically everyone you could want. 19 Inch Galactus. I can’t do justice to how much awesome stuff is coming out from the Hasbro camp. They announced two to four waves for each property. Oh and Sgt. FRICKIN’ SLAUGHTER! My favorite GI Joe of all time. I’ve waited sooooo long for this.

I hope he rocks. Hasbro, please send me Sarge now. For real. I’m the biggest Sarge fan there is. I need these Sarge figures and soon!

I’m not going to cover, DCUC. Honestly, they showed a couple cool things but nothing that interested me. I just recently quit DCUC and they didn’t show anything to bring me back. Lots of Lantern figures, no new sculpt Sinestro and some other jibberish. Elsewhere Mattel blamed DCUC 2 pack low sales on lack of fans, not that they were unpopular or figures with poor quality control. Of course, we know the truth. Not much else to report honestly.

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  • PrkftTear says:

    No matter how many times I keep telling myself I've got to quit DCUC due to my MOTUC habbit, I can't seem to break myself free. I went from planning on cherry picking Batman figures to ending up with a near complete Waves 11 and 12 (for the C*C). I only plan on picking up Cheetah and Blue Beetle from Wave 13, and I'm not sure about Wave 14. I really like the Ultra-Humanite C&C, so I might end up having to pick that wave up as well, or at least barter/trade for parts. That said, I'm going to draw the line here.

    I given up all hopes of ever seeing an NECA Shredder. I never saw April in retail, so she doesn't exist to me either.

  • Anatomies says:

    NECA "continues to fumble around with licenses like it has no idea what it's doing"? How so? Because they haven't released more TMNT characters? The problems they are having with that liscense and their business exist, no matter how much you want those figures. Or is it because of their Batsu figures? "A waste of time and space and tooling dollars" ? Maybe you hadn't noticed, but there is a huge following for vinyl/designer toys, and this is NECAs foray into that market. Whether they are successful or not, it sure makes sense to give it a shot. As for their oher figures, there's things called prototypes, and their not final. The comparison to McFarlane is silly. Toys are not all staues or SA. The Predator figures will be SA, stuff like T2 is above the waist only. They are called collector figures.

  • So the fact that Batsus have failed miserably at retail, while the NECA TMNT figures sold well is out of touch? And they can't be having problems with that license and producing TMNT Batsus at the same time. They had a choice which TMNT products to persue, the ones that won nearly every toy award when they were released and have a huge fanbase or the ones that look like mutated Mighty Muggs and have been clearanced out of what few retailers carried them. They chose the latter. That's a stupid decision. If you think Batsus are what the vinyl community wants, you obviously know nothing about the vinyl community.

    Actually the comparison to McFarlane is spot on, which is why everyone compares them to McFarlane, from their sculpts, to their licenses to the fact that they refuse to articulate the figures. As someone who knows a good majority of the "collectors" out there with any pull, most care about articulation.

  • Wrestling figures are quite popular, I should note too. Not sure where you got the idea that they aren't.

  • Wes says:

    Hasbro is rocking! I'm only down for the 6" IM2 figures and the ML 2-packs at the moment, but dang do I want them. I could see passing on the ML Black Widow if they do a movie one, but that Valkyrie will be mine. Perhaps twice. I look at her and see Renet potential.

    The thing that gets me about Mattel's comments about the 2-pack sales is that they friggin' sold out! Yeah, they sold out in weeks (months?) versus minutes, but a sell-out is a sell-out. They even said that Color of Fear pack didn't sell well enough… and yet it was sold out when I would've bought one (when I got BA He-Man and Adora; I don't order from Matty every month). Shit not selling out IMMEDIATELY is a good thing in my book.

    And yeah, Jazwares is looking pretty good. I'm down for at least three of these Percy Jackson figures.

  • Excellent point Wes and a surprisingly simple one that some people tend to miss. I was alarmed when the guys at Mattel said that sell outs that take more than a couple days are no longer considered good.

  • Yeah shame about the NECAs. It still burns me up.

    I didn't care much for Ultra-Humanite. I thought I would like him, but he didn't do much for me. So I guess that helped my decision.

  • Interesting udate, Randy Falk does tell me and I quote about the NECA TMNTs, " we're making another attempt to get them out there this year but nothing is final on this yet…"

  • Mark says:

    NECA need to make a Foot Soldier, Shredder, Splinter and Casey Jones.
    Its a shame they have not done anymore Street Fighter Figures….what they did were good but SOTA did so much more with the licence.
    I would have got some of the Terminator and Conan figures but the lack of articulation put me off from buyin them.
    Really liking some of the WWE figures.

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