Toy Story Mini Figures
Target Exclusive Sunnyside Rescue Gift Pack
2 Inch Scale
By: Mattel

Although I’ve owned the DVD for a while, I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Toy Story 3. That hasn’t stopped me from picking up some Toy Story characters from the movie, though. One of the scales I’ve been tempted by is the mini figures for the Toy Story brand. This Christmas the GF decided to plunge me into the field and picked me up this awesome Sunnyside Rescue Gift pack featuring several of the core characters from the film.

I seem to be reviewing more and more of these mini scaled figures. I guess that means that they’re growing on me over time. I definitely think the Toy Story versions have a certain charm and cuteness about them. That will no doubt help them survive in a difficult marketplace.

The packages are window boxes with peg hooks. I don’t recall ever actually seeing them on pegs, but they were given the option of being displayed or hung.

The window is clear and you can see all the figures well. In the background we see a decent rendering of the Sunnyside home. The big issue is when you crack this baby open. Each figure is rubber banded inside. That’s not usually a problem, but it was a real pain in the butt with these guys. Have scissors ready!

The back simply highlights the included figures and has a minor ad for another multipack. We need a checklist for these guys. I miss checklists!

These are mini figures in a similar style to the other mini figures available on the market and done in Mattel’s distinct style. I’ll try to cover a little on each figure so you can weight the good and the bad.

These guys definitely stand out as fun desktop trinkets, but I don’t know how much fun kids could have with them. I remember having fun with stuff like this but it usually came out of a gumball machine. Paying $20 for a few limited poseability figures may not resonate as well.

Woody has a decent, almost animated likeness. I realize that Toy Story itself is a CGI cartoon, but there was a clear difference between cartoon Woody and doll Woody. This seems closer to cartoon Woody. He does however have a few cool details.

Buzz, like Woody, is a cartoonish appearance and appears heavily stylized. He does look like Buzz Lightyear, but he’s missing a lot of details and such. There is one neat detail in that his glass bubble dome is sculpted with a ridge that gives it an appearance of it being folded up. It’s not, it’s only a half bubble, but it’s a neat optical illusion.

The Chatter Telephone has a good sculpt, but is pretty simple. I thought this was probably the most “like the toy” sculpt, but then I saw a keychain for this very toy this past week that is about the same size but had a much more vibrant sculpt. He’s still not bad though.

Obviously Stretch isn’t an exact replica of the movie/toy since he’s hard plastic here. I still think he recreated the character pretty well. He has that distinct bad guy snarl too. He’s no Octo Joe or anything, though.

Lotso is my favorite with plenty of charm in his sculpt. I’m just going to say this right now and get it out of the way… I would totally collect a line of multi-colored bears like this. He just looks cool. I could see a school kid sneaking Lotso in his pocket to brave a day in Elementary.

Sadly my Lotso has some sort of dirt or funk on him. It wouldn’t come off with spit and elbow grease, so I’m not sure if it’s embedded in the sculpt or not. I do not approve of the QC here too much in that regard.

Each figure has varying degrees of articulation, from nothing, to quite a few points. Starting with the most articulated in Lotso. He has a cut head, and both shoulders. Buzz matches him with a cut head and shoulders as well, with an additional waist cut but his posing is more limited due to his stance.

Woody has just a simple neck cut, which is a shame because he could easily have a waist and shoulder cuts. Stretch was a surprise because I didn’t expect him to have any articulation, but his neck does turn. Finally we have the chatter phone who has nothing. Yes, the house of Hotwheels opted to not give the chatter any real wheels.

Accessories are not the name of the game for these small scales. It’s a shame too because this seems like a bit of a ripoff in comparison to say like a GI Joe 4 pack that might have just as many figures but several weapons as well.

Oh well, that’s the name of the game I guess.

As mentioned above, $20 is a pretty tough pill to swallow when it comes to the price of these guys. It’s not a terrible value when you compare like items of this small stature. However it certainly feels less of a value when you put it up against modern action figures. I think this would have been a much better value at $15.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 3
Accessories – N/A
Value – 6
Overall – 6 out of 10

These guys finish with a 6 out of 10, which is just about average. If you can get them at a lower price, you can bump it up to a 7 or so. The sculpts are cute and fun, but the value here isn’t so great. If you like to have the mini characters though, these are a good representation of the Toy Story franchise.

8 Responses to Toy Story Sunnyside Rescue Pack Review

  • Bill says:

    I'm pretty sure the stains on Lotso are intentional. In the movie he's pretty dirty. Maybe it isn't rendered well on the figure.

  • jestergoblin says:

    Yeah, I found the Toy Story figures to be a mixed back when I grabbed a few of them in the spring. I adore my Buzz and Twitch (totally worth grabbing if you see it) but Woody felt disappointing.

    What's most striking to me is how inaccurate these figures are when compared to their on screen counterparts. They're toys based on toys, but seem to miss the mark.

    And as you said, they're priced way too high. But I'm glad you're getting in on the smaller scale action!

  • Thanks, was your Lotso dirty as well?

  • I guess I need to find someone who has one to confirm. It doesn't look intentional, but could be.

  • swader says:

    Most of these will be on clearance. Target is really great when it comes to marking down there "exclusive" figures. I believe these are going for $13ish here, with slight possibility of them going down cheaper depending upon supply. I'd love to collect these, but as everyone mentioned, for $20 you'd have be a "super-fan" or have a lot of disposable income.

  • guapo says:

    nice review!

  • Hero says:

    I like this assortment of figures. Its a shame you can't buy certain favourites without having to buy yet another Buzz or Woody included as well.


  • partyhare says:

    Nice review though you didn't see the movie – Stretch is a female.

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