Welcome to a new column here at Infinite Hollywood, where we all get to put on our best detective hats and figure out details about a mystery toy line. If you have a toy that you’d like to see identified or to learn more details about it, send a photo (or photos) along to NewtonGimmick AT Rocketmail.com and we’ll add it to the case files.

Submitted for your approval, our first mystery. This toy line was popular in the mid-to-late 1990s and featured dozens of characters. It was sold in packs of three, and featured weapons. I can’t recall specifically where I bought any of these, but I’m thinking in places like K-Mart and the Dollar Store.

Please ignore the mysterious white substance on his chest, that’s for a whole different branch of investigation. I remember collecting these guys for a year or so and trading them with friends. They were like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Monster in My Pocket, except they featured articulation.

The entire collection of figures were pocket sized. Most of the figures were in this dark black and purple color scheme, but I believe there may have been army men and such as well. I can find no markings stamped on the toy, other than CHINA, oddly spelled backwards and the number 5.

I had a dozen or so of these figures, but I do not recall what the name of the toy line was… Nor do I recall who made them. I believe the individual characters may have even had unique names! I can only find this one at present time, so any clues you may have to what this toy line was, will be greatly appreciated. Respond below or email me. Can you help me solve the mystery?! Let’s get to sleuthing!

2 Responses to Toy Sleuth – Case #1

  • Luke says:

    Did you identify these? My parents handed me two of these the other day, which they found in their garden from when I was young. I’m trying to find out what they were called.

    • Newton says:

      I did. They’re called Military Muscle Men. Googling them can bring up some uhh, unique, results. But that was what they were called.

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