It took a little bit but thanks to super sleuth Zach S., we have solved our first Toy Sleuth mystery! He gave us a hot tip that our mystery figure was likely one of the Military Muscle Men. After some Google reconnaissance (don’t Google Military Muscle Men around children!) we were able to find out that these were officially called Mini Military Muscle Men.

They were made by The Original San Francisco Toy Makers best known for their dreadful WCW wrestling toys. The line only lasted a short time, but saw quite a few releases. These figures are a bit harder to track down these days at around $20-$30 for one of the multipacks.

Each set also came with a crappy medal. I completely forgot about that part. They were sold in either three or six packs. You could even get a couple of vehicle/playsets for the Mighty Heroes and the Mighty Enemies!

Finally, every character did get his own name! Our mystery man was a part of the Night Raid II team and was named “Warrior”. Not exactly the most original name on the planet, but some folks might like it enough to legally change their name to it.

These came out around 1993 and the line was actually pretty expansive all things considered. Apparently it’s not very fondly remembered (hence why it took so long for someone to identify it) but I always liked the little guys. I recall having the team in all white and they were some of my favorites.

Remember if you have a mystery figure that you’d like to put the Toy Sleuth team on, send us an email with a photo and description of the toy! We’ll do our best to figure it out!

5 Responses to Toy Sleuth – Case #1 SOLVED

  • Zach S. says:

    I think they're called Military Muscle Men. I had a ton of them…I loved those toys. I miss the 90s…

  • That's it! Thanks man. With your help we were able to crack the case! And I was just about to give up all hope, haha.

  • Zach S. says:

    Glad I was able to help! I was most excited that someone else remembered these guys…

    My grandma was really into buying us toys from the closeout & dollar stores, and I remember she basically got me the entire series. They were really cool; there were quite a few sculpts and unique characters, they were mini-figures with 5 POA and they came with a bunch of accessories. I really do miss toys like these.

    Toys at closeout and dollar stores used to be awesome…I dunno what happened, where now all they carry is cheap bootlegs. Big Lots you can occasionally find something cool, but usually it's just all the lame stuff Walmart and Target couldn't sell, and now they can't sell.

    I look forward to more Toy Sleuth cases!

  • Mark says:

    Awesome I used to have some of these figures. I had never seen the diver figure before, I only had one set of 3 figures and they were all in camo.

  • Templar says:

    I remember seeing these in Toys R Us in 1993. I almost got the A-10, but eventually went for Karate Choppin' Snake Eyes instead.

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