While I wait for Mattel to send me the monthly Q&A answers, which they’ve already sent out to some sites, but apprently not us… It’s time for some general toy news. This is a new column, where I’ll give you updates on various things.

  • Speaking of Mattel, today was the first on sale date for the 2012 MOTUC subscription. Do to a ton of logistics hiccups, the first figures shipping are the Star Sisters 3 pack. According to our in the field reporters, this was the first MOTUC sale in history to have no WSOD. Likewise, enthusiasm seems at an all-time low for this set of figures, especially as it arrives on the wave of various other customer service issues with Mattel. Will the Star Sisters become the worst selling MOTUC item to date? Mo-Larr sure hopes so.
  • Mezco Toyz have confirmed that their Earthworm Jim figure will launch in July of 2012. You may recall that Mezco originally announced this figure way back at SDCC 2011. No word on why the figure has taken nearly a year to get to market, but Mezco promises that the 6 inch scale Earthworm Jim will feature 8 points of articulation and not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate “bendy” unsuited worm body as well. Several websites have erroneously posted up news that Mezco is making a 3 inch Earthworm Jim. That appears to be nothing more than an error on the part of those sites.
  • The limited edition Knight Avenger Commander X which launched on Christmas Eve, is still for sale at the Capt’n Eli website. Remember that the figure normally retails for $19.95 but is on sale for $15 until the 15th of February. The sale is also good for all previous Commander X figures, such as 1950’s Commander X. Be sure to tell them Infinite Hollywood sent you if you pick up one of these spiffy throwback figures.
  • 3A’s Ashley Wood has confirmed that the upcoming F-Legion Cyborg figure does NOT have a moustache, despite the preview pictures seemingly containing one. This will no doubt disappoint a lot of 3A fans who believed that the figure did, but likewise may please others. The moustache was the subject of much discussion and artwork during the recent 3AA membership drive (which has expired now) but the figure’s full visage has yet to be seen. This exclusive is scheduled to ship in April.
  • Glyos has a big sale coming up this Friday where they will unleash the new Gendrone Revolution: Shock Force figures, as well as man others. These guys tend to sell out fast, so be ready to get them on Friday or else you’ll be without. Full details on all the figures being released on this mission drop can be found here.
  • The Crystar inspired Backyard Legends: Action Figures of Yore are reportedly in the final stages of QC testing and are on target for a 2012 release. Those who originally invested in the project via Kickstarter will be the first to get their figures, with online retail variants to come. We first covered the legends back in December of 2010, so these figures are definitely long anticipated.

9 Responses to Toy News – January 17, 2012

  • plannedbanter says:

    I believe you should put a small graphic next to Newsman that says "with News-ton Gimmick." And rename the column Toy News Flash. If you want, that is…

    Those poor Star Sisters. The Kardashians of Etheria get no love…

    I'm disappointed with only 8 points of articulation on Earthworm Jim…

  • Good ideas. I'm in the same boat. As nice as Earthworm Jim looks, it just makes me want to get the old one again, since it had leg articulation.

    The Kardashians of Etheria? Does that mean they're only being made because Starla had a sex tape with Clamp Champ?

  • clark says:

    Those Glyos are so pretty. I really want to get at least a Gobon and a couple of buildmen in that color, I might just have to dig some of my Christmas savings out to do that.

  • Wes says:

    Why's it gotta be Clamp Champ, man? 😛

    But yeah, eight points of articulation is hella weak. I'd have to dig my old EWJ out to check, but I'm pretty sure the Playmates figure had six points (swivel shoulders, wrists, and hips; the Jims in different outfits, without the launching worm action feature, might have had neck articulation too)… and that toy is over 15 years old.

  • Mario says:

    Can't wait for Crystar. Hopefully all goes well for Backyard Legends, & we can actually get them this year.

    I can't help but feel disappointed with EWJ, though. He's just a semi-articulated statue. Why do toy companies persist in making "inaction figures"? I just don't get it. Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

    Newton, what about Mattel's Andre the Giant going on sale on 01/30? You picking him up? Another "must-have" for me.

  • I want Andre, he was my favorite as a kid growing up. Unfortunately I'm a bit on the fence with this figure. I have the Jakks Andre and I think I can pick up a Mattel Big Show and do a head swap that looks just as good if not better for less. So it's a tough call. I'll probably end up picking him up eventually.

    I'm actually still waiting on my Rockers. Mattel claimed that they were gonna honor my MattelShop order, but that was like, two months ago or something and no word on it.

  • Mario says:

    Of course. You know, there's no denying that there products are really good (well, IMHO, at least), but the way they SNAFU everything makes it such a love/hate relationship. So annoying.

  • Absolutely. Very little happy medium. It's either a total screw around, or great products.

  • wesitron says:

    Crystar still looks amazing. I'm a little concerned with him being held up with a stand in such a simple pose, but it's still a prototype I guess. I trust these guys to put out a great product, so I'm not gonna worry too much.

    I'll definitely be at the Glyos drop, struggling with whether or not I should purchase more. They're just so much fun!

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