Toy customizer Tony Robles has just launched his own run of designer do-it-yourself toys under his Toro Toys brand. What are those toys? It’s the ChiBOO 5 pack! It’s five little Pacman ghost-like creatures for you to design and create with your own neat twists. As far as opening designs go, this one is pretty simple, but that also helps create a broader brand of customization.

Check out the full press release on where you can get these little bugger, after the cut. But you’d better hurry as they went on sale yesterday and are extremely limited.

Toro Toys is proud to present its first special offering, chiBOO!

chiBOO are spirits from beyond our world, lost souls if you will. If they are lost why are they smiling you ask? Because they are glad to meet you!

Designed and sculpted by Tony Robles, manufactured by Toro Toys. chiBOO will be available in a limited release artist 5-pack starting December 14th 2012 @ 6PM Pacific Time. 5-packs will be available for purchase at

Cast in durable solid white resin, this release is intended for designer artists and customizers who want to make their own special chiBOO figures using this adorable new platform. Supplies for this run are limited to 20 5-packs. Get them while you can!

Each 5-pack will be available for $25 with $3.50 shipping and handling and only $1 extra shipping per pack. This limited release is the first offering from Toro Toys with more on the way starting in January 2013, artist series, special short run releases and so much more, and this is just for chiBOO!

We want to be involved in the community as well so we are asking that all lucky recipients of chiBOO please email us your creations, fan art, etc. so we can post them to contact for submissions.

Supporting us will ensure future toy lines will come, including something we have been very excited to be working on, an original designed collectable minifig battle game, Nanoidz!

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