Each year the San Diego Comic Con gets bigger and better, with companies coming out of the woodwork to create exclusive toys and collectibles just for the event. While SDCC often frustrates collectors, it also represents a chance to release something that otherwise couldn’t be made. This year is no different, with plenty of really neat exclusives headed your way. The best exclusives are unique variants that offer fans a chance to get something “fun” while not necessarily preventing them from getting the best version of something available. It’s a careful balance that toy companies aren’t always able to achieve. Of course, with every set of exclusives, there have to be a few duds that perhaps shouldn’t have been made. Let’s take a look at this year’s worst.

5. NECA “Albino” Predator
I’m sure this will upset a lot of fans, but I have no love for the Albino Predator. This is a character from the popular Batman fan film Dead End. I always liked Dead End, but felt as though it started to go off the rails about the time the Predator showed up. This figure represents everything that sucked about Dead End. Not that I blame NECA for releasing this figure, it’s an easy cash grab and plays right to the diehards.

4. Batusi Batman
Mattel always goes out of their way to make their SDCC exclusives over the top, often with ridiculous packaging. This year’s Batusi Batman is right in that wheelhouse. While Mattel’s 1966 Batman line looks like gold, this is a terrible choice for a debut figure. Immortalizing one of the more bizarre moments of the classic show, this figure is nothing more than the regular Batman figure with a big button on his back and crappy hands. It looks like he’ll have restricted articulation thanks to his “dance” motion. Of course the packaging is gigantic and plays a song. While this is definitely “fun” and non-essential, I just can’t imagine that anyone ever really wanted this.

Superman zod
3. Superman versus Zod Movie Masters
Now that the world has gotten over the opening weekend euphoria of Man of Steel and realized it’s nothing more than a pretty, loud and generally below average movie, it seems like Mattel may have missed the boat here. Not only are people not clamoring for any sort of Man of Steel merchandise, but this item just plain sucks. It appears to be nothing more than a repack of Zod with a Superman that can turn his eyes red. You know, the exact sort of goofy gimmick that only appeals to kids. Even Mattel seems to know this item isn’t going to be popular as they have mostly just shown off photos of the gigantic packaging, in hopes that people forget there’s actually a couple of crummy figures inside.

Stone Jerks
2. Rokkon and Stonedar
Mattel hits the trifecta of suck, with the worst Masters of the Universe exclusive in San Diego Comic Con history… Rokkon and Stonedar. Easily the two most useless MOTU characters aside from those spinning top guys, Rokkon and Stonedar represent a new low for MOTUC. While I’m sure someone, somewhere, had these guys as a kid and they were his favorites, they’re an easy pass for me. Rokkon and Stonedar have a bunch of detachable rock parts and a bunch of other rock parts that are stuck to their body. Relive the excitement of turning a toy into a rock! To be fair, Mattel basically updated these guys as good as they possibly could. It’s just obvious that MOTUC is starting to swirl the drain and the potential character selection for exclusives is getting mighty thin.

1. Twilight Zone Henry Bemis Replica Books and Glasses
The worst exclusive of 2013 and perhaps the dumbest exclusive in the history of the SDCC! It’s Henry Bemis’ glasses and books from the famous “Time Enough At Last” Twilight Zone episode. This is one my favorite episodes of Twilight Zone and I’m a huge fan of Burgess Meredith and yet, even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t buy this crap. It’s a “replica” of books. They’re not even real books! To make matters worse, it’s not even a legit replica as Henry had specific books he was reading. These are just generic blank books with goofy plastic glasses. But hey at least it’s cheap, it’s only $100 for the whole set. Add in another $49.95 for the pistol you’ll need to blow your brains out for buying such stupidity and you’ve got a real steal.

17 Responses to Top 5 Worst SDCC 2013 Exclusives

  • Main-E-Races says:

    Pretty much nailed it.

  • clark says:

    I could just go buy some books from a used bookstore, and some glasses off the rack at Drug Emporium, then break them; but that would look a little too real.

    • Newton says:

      It’s all so mind boggling. You could probably buy a hardback copy of almost every book prominently featured from that episode at a used bookstore for less than $20.

      • clark says:

        They could have at least stacked the books the way there were in the episode, and made them look dirty, as if they had been picked up off the front steps of a destroyed library. Instead it looks like these belong on a bookcase.

        As far as the other exclusives go, I’m okay with Albino Predator, but that’s just because I think the more predators one can have on his shelf the better. Batusi Batman just seems like a horrible figure, but I’m sure some people are excited about it. The MOS exclusive just seems lazy. I had Rokkon and Stonedar as a kid, and I thought they were fun (although their colors were awful). They mostly hung out with my rock lords and very rarely my other MOTU figures, and I was in no way looking forward to their MOTUC versions. At least as an exclusive they’re not forced on subscribers (although I bet plenty of subscribers are upset that they have to go to mattycollector to secure them).

        • Newton says:

          I can’t imagine anyone being excited about Batusi. I get the feeling this is something Batman collectors are going to buy up, thinking it’ll be worth something. It may even sell out quickly as a result and then for decades you’ll see these in flea markets and collectibles stores as people try to sell them for ridiculous prices. And then in 30 years, they’ll all be clearanced out for like $5.

  • Howie Decker says:

    I love lists like this. Well done! Although I’d take even the worst SDCC Exclusive, as I have none 🙁 waa waa

    • Newton says:

      I’d take them for free, if any company wants to send me samples, hint hint… Except for that Bemis thing. That’s just stupid.

  • Zach S. says:

    So Molarr, Eternian Dentist was better than Rokkon & Stonedar?

    • Newton says:

      Molarr was pretty crappy overall… But he wasn’t up for sale this year.

      • Zach S. says:

        I know, it was a response to this:

        “the worst Masters of the Universe exclusive in San Diego Comic Con history… Rokkon and Stonedar.”

        • Newton says:

          Oh you’re right, I did say that! To which I reply… I bought Molarr (on discount mind you) but I won’t buy these two. So I guess. Truth be told, Molarr wasn’t really the SDCC exclusive. He was a “bonus”, whereas this is the main Mattel offering. So I was technically comparing these two to Orko, King Grayskull, etc. Not really Molarr.

          • Zach S. says:

            Cool. I mean it doesn’t matter either way….I’m usually not annoying-Internet-troll guy, and it’s your opinion….just wanted to clarify (cause personally, I don’t care for Molarr and I love Rokkon and Stonedar). That said, it could be worse….we could be getting Meteorbs or something, or Disco Skeletor…


    I feel that Mo-Larr made more sense for an exclusive. It was a funny set and not really necessary for your MOTUC collection but fits in if you want it to. Rokkon and Stonedar have always just been boring and pointless characters. If you’re a completest, they’re necessary just to complete the collection but why make it hard for those guys to get something that’s just boring. If I’m going to hunt down a SDCC exclusive, I’d want it to be kind of an exciting piece. If the list is expanded, I’d throw Shazam! right up there too. This is the first year where I can honestly say that I don’t think I’m buying any exclusives this year…that’s pretty sad. Great for my bank account, but sad for the collector in me.

    • Newton says:

      Shazaam almost made the list, because I think he’s pretty universally hated, but I didn’t just want it to be a bunch of Mattel stuff.

    • Zach S. says:

      Yes, Molarr was a better choice for “exclusive” in that he wasn’t a necessary or sought after character. I just don’t agree with Rokkon & Stonedar being boring and pointless…that’s completely subjective opinion, of course. I’ve always liked the characters, and for me, this set is probably the best SDCC exclusive this year. Comparatively, though, a 2-pack of vintage figures seems like a much better exclusive than something like Molarr and a Skeletor.

  • prfkttear says:

    I’m excited about Rokkon and Stonedar — but I will agree that they’re not as cool as King Grayskull, He-Ro, Prince Adam & Orko, Marlena & Cringer, or Mo-Larr & Toothless Skeletor…

  • MST3KFan says:

    I’ve been debating if I want to get those MOTUC figures. I have the subscription to the main line and I still have yet to open the Fighting Foe Men set due to my ‘meh’ feelings on it.
    Recalling last year’s MOTUC exclusive at SDCC, I honestly was not a fan of the whole ‘concept He-Man that could switch into different outfits’ thing (aka Vykron).

    However, I actually LIKED Mo-Larr as he was just a fun little set from a skit on Robot Chicken which was entertaining to watch when it premiered. The missing tooth Skeletor figure included simply added to the great example of what an exclusive should be.

    I hated that Prince Adam and Orko were an exclusive one year and even the Queen Marlena being one another. Those are characters that have history in the cartoon, comics, and toys in some way in my mind and should have been in the regular sub line, while concept figures like He-Ro or Vykron work for SDCC.

    The Stone Warriors can work either way in my mind as they came out when MOTU was pretty much on its death bed during the 80s. Not many cared and wasn’t Rock Lords out at the time as well? Seriously, what was with the transforming rocks thing in the 80s? And people complained when Transformers started turning into animals in Beast Wars.

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