Well it’s being reported on GoGreenMachine that Playmates will not be moving forward with their Mirage comic based Ninja Turtles. This is disappointing to me because I thought these figures would be a nice compliment to the NECA figures. Especially considering series 2 of the NECA TMNT has yet to see the light of day.

Hopefully Playmates will still use the molds for something. I want that Splinter!

In other Playmates Ninja Turtle news, they will be releasing a special Fugitoid. It’s a vac-metal Fugitoid that Peter Laird has been fighting to get made since 1988! Incredible that it took 25 years to get it done. According to Entertainment Earth the figure will have articulation. However, according to Peter Laird (who owns one) it does not. You can preorder it here EE and find out for yourself.

And finally an update on the TMNT 25th Anniversary DVD that’s coming out. The one I mentioned before where the original 1980’s cartoon Turtles meet the new 2003 Turtles. Well… Things just got more interesting. The DVD special which is now being called “Turtles Forever” will feature not only Rocksteady, Bebop and a host of other old toon characters, but apparently it’ll also have Tokka and Rahzar from the TMNT movies.

You can follow the details here: 4Kids Website

So while Turtle fans do have some bad news, they also have some good to look forward to.

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