For the past few weeks, WWE has used their various social media outlets to tease hints about an upcoming promotion. It’s been pretty obvious that this involved the Undertaker in some way, but most were speculating that this had something to do with Taker returning to wrestling. However, today it was revealed that the viral campaign is instead to hype up the debut Todd McFarlane WWE statue, which will feature the Deadman himself.

The WWE ICON Series will include both current WWE Superstars and Legends, though no names other than the Undertaker have been announced. The debut statue, just in time for Halloween, is nearly 18 inches tall and includes the Undertaker’s infamous “symbol” that he once crucified Steve Austin on. The statues will have no articulation, just like all Todd McFarlane action figures. (*rimshot*)

The Undertaker statue is limited to only 850 pieces, and each one is individually and sequentially numbered. Each one has a special base that includes LED spotlights, a plaque highlighting some of The Undertaker’s historic accomplishments and will feature a piece of the ring skirt from The Undertaker’s Inferno match against Kane from the February 22, 1999 edition of RAW. As an added bonus, each statue will include a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the creator of McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane.

The Taker statue will go on sale in McFarlane’s store and the WWE shop on December 6th and retail for $295, or approximately $294 than it’s worth. WWE is once again proving that they’re on the cutting edge of collectibles, by partnering with McFarlane who is the industry leader in poorly painted Starting Lineup figures.

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