TNA Wrestling (Deluxe Impact)
Hulk Hogan
7.5 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific

TNA Wrestling is a little company that started in 2002 to try and fill the void left by the closure of WCW. With the WWE controlling the entire “major” wrestling scene, the pro wrestling product became stale and many wrestlers were blackballed from the business. TNA changed all that, first starting out very small and many people didn’t think they would last a year. TNA has grown into not only a viable alternative to the WWE, but the second largest wrestling company in the world. Their programming is available in over 100 countries around the globe and is viewed by over a million people each week here in the US. They are the highest rated regular program on Spike TV.

The company was able to officially cement their legacy earlier this year when Hulk Hogan, the most famous pro wrestler of all time, signed with the company. Although Hogan’s best years are behind him, he’s been used in TNA for limited in-ring action and as more of a figurehead and spokesman. With Hogan’s name and clout came more exposure for the company, which tied in well with TNA’s new deal with Jakks Pacific, the former makers of the WWE toyline.

The switch for Jakks from WWE to TNA was not without controversy, though. Jakks previously had several styles of figures in various ranges of sizes and articulation. When they signed TNA, they essentially forced fans to adopt one style, the “Deluxe” style that while popular under the WWE brand, wasn’t the most expansive. This Hulk Hogan figure makes my first step into the new TNA figures, but also my first Deluxe Jakks figure. Let’s see if Hulkamania is still running wild!

Jakks has created a nice simple backer card for these figures. There is a great foil design as well, which really makes them pop in the aisle. The card has TNA’s signature six sided ring incorporated into the package, which looks quite nice. There’s some irony in that, since it was Hulk Hogan who actually made them get rid of the six sided ring as he felt it distracted from the in-ring product. It’s not really a huge deal, because the package still looks neat even if the ring has extra sides that aren’t used anymore.

The back of the package looks nice, showing off the other figures in the series and also advertising for the ring. The other figures in the series all look quite good, but clearly Hogan is the real star of this wave. Amazing Red seems to be the peg warmer, which is a shame but always a chance you take when you make a plucky underdog character.

The Deluxe Impact figures are a bit larger than the regular Jakks wrestling figures that they did for years. This change in scale isn’t huge, so you can definitely sneak in some of the other figures, but it’s there. Jakks has never been good on scale, and many of these guys are out of scale with one another.

Upon first glance, this figure may feel huge. It’s in the 7 inch range and really isn’t that big. It’s just that toys have shrunk so damn much in recent years that getting a figure with any kind of size, feels massive. He’s almost a damn DCUC BAF, in that sense.

The good news is that if you’re collecting the TNA line and pick up the new Jakks TNA six sided ring, he’s PERFECT scale for it. He looks really good in it and yes, it does come with ropes, I just took them down a while back and forgot where I put them.

He’s a little big for my old ToyBiz WCW ring, but he fits in with most of the Jakks WWE rings from the last ten years or so. Especially stuff like the Real Scale ring.

The details are impressive, including the Hulkamania logo on his wristbands and his new tattoo on his arm. “I am that I am”? How very Popeye of you, Hulkster!

Speaking of Popeye, lots of people complain about these figures having too big of arms, etc. That may be true for some of these guys, but not for Hogan. I think he looks great. I’ve long said though, that I’m a fan of the exaggerated muscles on the wrestlers. These guys are larger than life and I love that the toys reflect that.

This appears to be a new Hogan head sculpt. That might seem like a no brainer, but when you consider that Jakks has already made dozens of Hogan figures in the past, it’s wouldn’t have been out of the realm for them to reuse one they had on file. Instead this is definitely a modern, older Hulk. It’s a very good head sculpt and Jakks is still largely wiping the floor with Mattel in terms of head scans.

The paint is all very good and crisp, but there is a little rub on the hair and stache. The line work on the boots though, more than makes up for it. I own a bunch of Hogan figures, but this one might be my favorite. It’s just a lot of fun.

The big problem with the original Jakks figures (dubbed Ruthless Aggression) was their limited articulation. The upper body wasn’t bad, but the legs couldn’t lift up very far, nor could they spread apart. This meant, even Hogan’s simple moveset, like the leg drop, was virtually impossible.

That’s the reason Jakks switched to the Deluxe format for their TNA figures. Poseability! Hulkster is just loaded down with joints. Allowing Hogan to hit all his patented moves, like the twisting corkscrew plancha, Frankensteiner and of course the Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Credenza. Okay, actually this is a lot more articulation that perhaps the Hulkster needs, but it’s GREAT for wrestling figures.

He can perform moves like the Piledriver with ease. Which in my book is like a basic requirement for any wrestling figure. It’s also something that Mattel’s Basic WWE Figures can’t do. This is why Jakks made their new basic figures, deluxe articulated.



Hogan with the big boot! But Andre won’t go down! Andre needs to tan!

Oh my God! Hogan bodyslams Andre! Andre weighs 900 pounds (according to Hulk) and Hogan just bodyslammed him!

LEG DROP! ….1, …..2, …..3! It’s all over, Hulkamania is running wild!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled review…

When Jakks first previewed the TNA line, they mentioned them coming with all sorts of cool accessories like ladders, chairs and guitars. That didn’t pan out in the final pricing, so most figures only come with their elbow and knee pads. Hogan does get a little extra, though.

Hulkster gets his yellow Hulkamania weight belt. It’s removable, though it really looks best on him. It’s almost a requirement at this point, but it’s nice to see that Jakks didn’t cheap out.

He also gets a pair of sunglasses. They’re a nice mold, but the Hulkster’s head is really too big for them.

This is where the TNA figures absolutely clean up. I purchased this guy for $8.99 at Target. Somebody show me another almost 8 inch tall figure with this much articulation, that good of a paint job and of a licensed product for $9! Certainly Mattel is doing some great things with their WWE line, but to get a comparable articulated WWE figure you’ll have to pay $16 or more. The value is really great on the TNA line and if you look at it, not so much in direct competition with the Mattel WWE, but in competition with all the other toys out there right now, you’ll see what an incredible value this is.

All the joints are nice and tight and this figure is sturdy. Jakks figures hold up to the abuse that a kid can give them more than just about anything. They also are great for customizing.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 10
Accessories – Weight Belt, Sunglasses
Value – 10
Overall – 9 out of 10

A big hearty 9 out of 10 for the Hulkster. Sure, I’m probably a bit biased as I am a big Hogan fan… But I’ve gotten Hulks that I didn’t like. I had always sworn off the WWE Deluxe Jakks line, but this Hogan has made a believer out of me. I’m going to be picking up a lot more of the TNA figures. Maybe the scale won’t be perfect, but the quality, price and articulation is top notch.


If you’re looking for a good Hogan, this is a great place to start. There’s also an awesome Sting out there for you old WCW fans. Some other cool TNA figures are hitting the market and I’m hearing that this figure is also now packed in a special Hogan ring. I’ll be trying to score that in the week’s ahead.

15 Responses to TNA Wrestling Hulk Hogan Figure Review

  • PrfktTear says:

    Nice review. I think I might be sold on this guy! The last Wrestling figure I bought was Sgt. Slaughter from Series 6 of their "Build N' Brawl" line. While the JAKKS Classic Superstars comes with a championship belt and a removable t-shirt that he can "rip" open, I'm not about to go spend $40-$100 on one. Plus I think this sculpt and face are better.

  • Bane says:

    Just curious as to why you dislike the WWE so much.

  • I never said I disliked the WWE. The only real issues I have with the WWE is a lack of talent that I care for, the fact that you pretty much know who is always going to be pushed or depushed, the lack of violence and just general booking quibbles. I'm much more of an old school wrestling fan.

  • Yeah that's a decent figure, but not worth the inflated secondary prices. I really like this figure, especially for the price. It's definitely a TOY, but it's good one.

  • Charaze says:

    Can't forget how Hulk Hogan's figure seemed to be the rage back in the days. 🙂 He was, after all, legendary.

  • Mark says:

    Seems and looks a great figure. Excellent review BTW. I have the Deluxe Sting, Nash, Steiner, Foley and Angle, all great head sculpts. A load of Classics and Dluxe classics.
    Mattel is doing great things with WWE, but the basic figure is exactly the same as the RA Jakks figures with an extra cut joint in the leg, they did fix the lack of hip movement.
    I agree about the value, I know Mattel are making quality figure but they are very expensive, compared to what Jakks do.
    I may get this figure.
    But my new favourite Hogan is the TNA Legends figure in the Japan gear, it is such a good toy, same for Legends Sting…takes me back to the old Galoob Sting I had that came with the old WCW cage ring 🙂

  • Extra cut where? I have some Mattel WWE and haven't noticed any increased hip movement. Unless you mean swivel?

  • Mark says:

    Yeah I mean the swivel at the top of the boot, theyshould have added articulation to the hips instead, tey are just strea lined Jakks.
    Also some of the Mattel faces are a bit bland, but thanbkfully they are giving some, some great expressions like Kamala, utter mastepiece.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Oh crap,I love the exaggerated huge head,reminds me of the almost unarticulated old toys with the gimmicks…

  • PrfktTear says:

    I saw Kamala, almost bought it on spot, and I don't even collect wrestling figures. I used to love watching him fight though. Didn't he have a beef with the Undertaker for a while?

  • Indeed he did. Funny (sad funny, not haha funny) story, Poor Kamala faced off with the Undertaker in one of Taker's most famous feuds leading to a big casket match at SummerSlam, which was one of the biggest matches on the card.

    According to Kamala, Undertaker made about $500,000 on the event. Kamala? About fifteen hundred.

  • Mark says:

    Believe me, buy it, you wont regret it. He is so big and well made he will blend with Jakks figures, MOTUC, DCUC/ ML he is so good. Same for Iron Sheik.

  • series209 says:

    I'm not a wrestling fan at all, but I always liked Hulk Hogan a lot. I didn't know of this figure, but I found one at Target after reading the review. Awesome figure at a very good price.

  • 3B says:

    Nice review! I've been wanting to review one of Jakks' TNA figures. I picked up a Brock Lesnar from the UFC line and was pleased with it for the most part. But they can't hold a candle to Mattel's stuff. I'm addicted to the Legends & Elite lines!


    Hey great review I really like your mode of thinking and categories for review. Just curious what do you think of the leg size on this figure? Look kinda froggy to me.

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