TNA Micro Impact
3 Pack (Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed)
2 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific

My obsession with micro wrestlers is back, with a look at Jakks Pacific answer to their old WWE Micro Aggression line, the new TNA Micro Impact figures. These figures are similar to the Jakks Micro Ring Starz, I reviewed a while back. The key difference being that these are based on real licensed characters.

Oddly enough, two of the three men in this three pack are no longer with TNA. That’s alright by me, because I still wanted this set. Partially because it includes those two men. In fact I suspect a lot of people will try to track down this set for the Christopher Daniels figure. These three packs can be found now in Toys R Us locations across the nation and will certainly help add some diversity to your Micro Wrestler ranks. Let’s bash this baby over the head with a steel chair and see what spills out.

The packaging here is quite nice. It’s very reminiscent to Jakks Micro Aggression packaging, but redesigned with a TNA “Flair” *rimshot*. I have to say that I like it a lot. It’s probably the best these mini packages have looked and certainly miles better than the generic Ring Starz packaging.

The six sided style ring is really stretched here, but it looks quite natural to me. I really enjoy the little red and black photo of the characters in the top corner. Each wrestler’s name is clearly displayed as well and the weapon included is visible.

The back of the package shows off the rest of series one. It also advertises a four sided TNA ring, that as of yet is not available. Older packages from the TNA line showed off a six sided ring (that is available) for those keeping score at home.

When I first got into these guys, it was mostly for the love of the generic characters. That still holds true, but many of my favorite wrestlers wrestle in TNA, so I decided to pick up some of their mini guys as well. Actually I got these for Christmas, but that’s besides the point.

Some of the detail here is really impressive. While the generic guys were nice, this Christopher Daniels is the legitimate spitting image of the Fallen Angel himself. Except of course that this figure is less than 3 inches tall. Jakks can really nail a head sculpt sometimes and in the case of Daniels, they really hit a home run. It’s almost a shame that this will likely be the only Daniels figure we get from Jakks, as I’d love to see what their larger scaled head would look like.

Despite their tiny size, these guys pack a lot of detail and paint applications. Jay lethal has the word “Machismo” across his tights, Daniels has his full design on his front and back and even Consequences Creed’s colorful “Rocky” inspired attire is recreated. It’s tough to appreciate until you have these guys in your hand and realize just how small they are.

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels is probably the highlight of this set. Not only is his aforementioned head sculpt great, but he even has his Ankh tattoo on his sternum. It’s a little off center on mine… But that thing is tiny. It’s impressive to be there at all.

The paint work isn’t perfect, but a lot more shows up on my macro lens than it does on the naked eye. I’m more forgiving of a little slop when it’s on something so tiny. Jay Lethal has a cool bandana and it’s even got two paint applications on it. Impressive.

While Daniels is almost photo realistic, the other two seem to have more of a caricature look. That’s alright for this scale and is generally to be expected. Creed suffers the most because he has a “yelling” scan. It still makes for a pretty fun look, but I like the blander expressions myself.

My one complaint would be the skin tones. While Jay Lethal is a light skinned black guy, Christopher Daniels is a white dude. Their skin tone is different in these two figures, but the difference is very minor. I don’t know why they didn’t go with a regular Caucasian skin tone for Daniels.

Each figure has cuts at the shoulders, legs (V-crotch style), waist and neck. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but for the scale, it’s pretty darn good. Most figures this small have almost no movement.

Surprisingly you’re able to execute a fair number of moves with the limited movement. Because the figures are made of a softer plastic, it’s easier to bend the limbs to your liking. Here Christopher Daniels prepares to his his patented Angel’s Wings move.

Granted, it still requires a little imagination, but I find that’s the case with 99% of wrestling figures. Suspension of disbelief and all that. I mean, we are talking PRO-WRESTLING, aren’t we?

This three pack continues the trend set forth by the old WWE packs. Three figures and one weapon. The weapons at the moment appear to be completely reuses. I should note that I have seen some prototypes from China including a six sided ring and six sides of steel for this small scale so I hope they end up seeing release.

That note aside, you get a steel chair with these three. It’s not the most impressive piece of the sets. Actually it’s probably my least favorite micro accessory to date.

Jakks were perhaps a bit ambitious with it, so they designed it to be a legit folding chair. That makes it just a tad oversized and prone to falling apart. I kind of got tired of fiddling with it. That said you can have the figures sit in it.

Not that Pro Wrestlers are really known for sitting in chairs, are they?

Unfortunately this set won’t score near as high as the Micro Ring Starz, in this category. This set is reasonably priced at $5.99ish, but it’s not as good of a value as the generic figures. Of course these guys are legit wrestlers, so it’s expected that you would pay a bit more. I do think that Jakks could benefit by charging a little less, but for $6 it’s not a terrible value to get three mini wrestlers and a steel chair.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Steel Chair
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

These little dudes finish with a 7 out of 10. Not bad at all. I’m really starting to like the Micro Wrestlers. I’m not sure why, but I do. I guess it’s the fact that you can build up an army in a short amount of time. These guys make great opponents for my Ring Starz and the interchangeability between parts allows me millions of custom opportunities.

Obviously these TNA Micro Impact figures don’t have the M.U.S.C.L.E. appeal that the generics do, but they do allow you to get some core new parts to add to your collection. That alone could be reason for non-wrestling fans to pick them up. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or else I’ll put you in a headlock!

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