As much as I love the NECA Ninja Turtles, I think the 2007 TMNT (movie) Turtle toy line was actually quite good. People tend to overlook them, since the NECA ones are definitely superior. However, that last Playmates crack at the Green Machine wasn’t bad at all. Dare I say, to me it was probably the most fulfilling of the Ninja Turtle toy lines because it actually covered every major character from the film, had decent articulation and even added in a few characters that weren’t in the movie but were essential to the Turtles mythos.

I have been planning for some time to work on a little figure comic utilizing some of these figures. While doing a little research on said project today, I came across this awesome stop motion video using the 2007 TMNT figures. It kicks all kinds of ass. Check it out:

And of course, there’s also a vintage 1990 TMNT movie inspired alternate ending as well.

I love pretty much everything about this.

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