You remember hearing about TMNT Smash-Up for the Wii here first right? Back in December of last year I had two articles and the first photos online of the game here and here and now I have even more news on the game. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up is no longer a Wii-exclusive, it will be released on PlayStation 2 as well.

Of course that’s not a huge surprise to many game fans. A lot of releases on the Wii end up ported to the PS2. Some might question why put the game on such an old system? Well for starters that “old system” sells better than any other Sony system. It’s actually the third best selling system of all the consoles just narrowly behind the XBox 360. PS3 is still way behind.

In addition a lot of PS2 owners are younger kids, which plays into the TMNT demo. With PS2 likely getting one last big final holiday rush this year as the most affordable home console, it makes a lot of sense for the game to be released on both systems.

The TMNT: Smash Up official site added a PlayStation 2 logo to the bottom of the page, as well as a banner that shows the PlayStation 2 box art for the game. No information is yet known on the PS2 version, but one will imagine it’ll be very similar to the Wii version but with different controls and slightly less graphical capabilities. No word on online play for the PS2 version but the Wii one will have online play.

Of course it could be a heavily stripped down version of the game too. Godzilla Unleashed which came out a year or so back had a Wii version and a PS2 version. However the PS2 version was a completely watered down version of the game. Time will tell if the same fate holds for TMNT, but I would imagine it’ll be a fairly faithful direct port.

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